The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Comic-Con

As some of you may or may not know, I actually semi “hitchhiked” my way to Comic Con this year.   I found it only suiting that I write a “survival” guide on my adventure to Comic/Video Game/Movieland last weekend.  Here’s a snippet in video blog format where I interviewed con goer Aaron and he let me look at some of the amazing sketches he was able to get from the artists there.

For a full, more in depth list of my tips and things learned while at the Con, you can look over at the article I wrote for Girls Entertainment Network.  I hope you enjoy them both as much as I… had the fun of learning some of them the hard way.


Well, miracles happen.  I will be returning to my beloved SF this weekend for the Techcrunch excursion.  Thanks in part go to @zemote @techzulu and an unnamed person for helping to making this happen.

I’m an overcome by this sense of zen.  Eradicated all that is toxic from my life.  Leading a life of more positives.  I feel as if I’m on the upside of karma.  I want to do some charity work again.  Anyone else with me?  It feels like it’s been ages since I did it.

Oh yes, in case you didn’t know, I used to help out and do photography for a local non profit when I lived in Bakersfield.  It wasn’t all great, but there were a few alright shots in there if I do say so myself.  You can view a sampling of that work here.

I feel like a bit of a hippie.  There is so much that I still need to do.. but I want to thank all of you that have believed in me.. that continue to believe in me… that are there for me in ways of the heart.

It feels good to be alive.

Dear SF,

It’s been too long.. we are overdue.

See you soon magic city of 07.* (*blog to come about that later)


When random is routine

Once upon a time…

I often get lost on purpose. There seems to be a comfort in the unknown. Of the excitement and fear of going missing in an urban jungle.

I told my friends I’d be there in 20 minutes, but once I saw the glow, I was drawn to it. Maybe it’s ADD. Maybe I’m just a constant tourist.

When I lived in IL there was a road that went past an oil field. Nothing but wasteland and metal and a straight stretch of road. Familiar.

I remember looking up at my daddy in pigtails and loose teeth…

“Is this a city? Is this where you work?”

My dad always worked downtown. Your stereotypical corporate banker. Horrible taste in any decor. Suitcase. Double breasted.. not pinstripe. Style and him were never paired, and he didn’t care. Hell all of his socks were the same color so he doesn’t have to make an effort making sock pairs.

Awesome. I always hated making sock pairs. It was the dreaded family chore we’d put off for months. 3 kids. That’s a shitload of socks. And that’s why the only ones I own have obnoxious designs and patterns on em. Well, not all of them. I went to a catholic school… I love argyle socks. I guess that makes me a bit weird. or cliche. or both.

But back to the tale.
Years later. I learn to drive. It’s actually a main road… or pseudo main road. It was somewhere I had to drive all the time. You could speed down that road. I love to speed. Bad bad bad.

A little secret. This was my piece of solace. This was my piece of… unconventional detox. Zen in a city of lights.

Sunday night on the way to my friends place for amazing homemade pizza, olympics ceremony endings (truth be told I really didn’t care but my friends found it gorgeous), booze, a favorite movie of the crew-beerfest, and Civ4.

I hate Civ 4. I love the Diablo series. But who the hell doesn’t. Not my style. But whatever. Give me an RPG or an MMO any day. Lan party? FPS it up. Frag frag frag.

I got consumed by lights. I don’t know this city. I’m constantly lost.

Which one of you cares to be my personal GPS or come along for the ride?  Srsly I would adore it if someone bought me a GPS- my roommate would love you too.  I need to start a fund.
I’ve been here 5 weeks. So much to blog about but not enough time.
I want to work with casting. (There’s a story coming about that too)

I want to be a suit. Omg I’m my dad… but with a much much cooler job. Or.. well um.

Broke artist. Rich in dreams though.

They say that people are in exactly the place that they should be.  Months ago when San Diego fell apart.. Wow.  I am just a vessel- taking the wheel to wherever it guides me.

Because I don’t have GPS 😉

unannounced guest

The date I went on with the dark horse had gone exceedingly well.   Sadly, we didn’t get a chance to take any pictures together.. we were too busy talking and having a good time.

Two years of buildup… he, for once, not only met my expectations but exceeded them tremendously.  Well- that is to say that someone who walks in with expectation is generally bound to be let down.

My dating forrays, though magical, rarely are on that level of awesome.  And I’ve had some pretty damn fantastic dates, so that’s quite a bit to say for me.

He’s wonderful and treats me so.  I’m not used to it.  Where’s the catch?

He’s not local.  One thousand miles away not local.

Who’s to know what will happen.  I don’t know.  I’m just enjoying it.  The experiences are what it’s all about right?

The key to his hotel room is still in my purse.  A little memento of yet another dating adventure for the books.  A lady never tells.. that the sex was phenomenal.


He was swamped with work and didn’t have the night free, so I took the train and headed down to San Diego for the July Tweetup.  My original plan was after those two days of dates and what not.. to go by the hotel afterwards and just curl up next to him in the comfy bed I had been sleeping in for the past few nights.  No offense to my friends, but it’s not often I seem to have a connection like that, and was feeling greedy.

I had fun.  But decided I was not going to drive back that night after all.  It was a celebrity moment of an event.  I am now affectionately called a “goldfish.”  I want to kill one of my longtime friends.

The next day I headed back- this time, in the now infamous truck.

I’d wanted him to go with me to Twiistup, but having been worked to the bone from E3 and well.. me.. he didn’t get much sleep this week.  He was wiped and had alot to do when he got home.


I nearly cancelled going to the party last night.  He and I had talked about me leaving early (my choice) and just vegging out on his last day.. maybe having a late night stroll on the beach.  But he texted me a few hours into the party… and, I decided to stay.  Ah well, I know we’ll see eachother again.  It was a crazy week for the both of us anyway.

The door, like most always seems to be left open.  Waiting for the next chance.. to serendipitously encounter once again.

I was more than a bit bummed that I didn’t get to really say goodbye in person… this was the best I could do:

This morning I got a text back:

Makes a girl like me happy.. if even just for entertaining the notion of more moments of ___ and ___ and____.

I hear Portland is nice.  I guess I need to up it on the list of places to go now.  Thank you fate… now can you please drop him or at least some more like him in my area?  kk thanx bai.

3rd Time is a charm?

I can’t believe that I had 2 days off this week. It was bizarre. However it’s back in high speed mode yet again. After this posting, I have to rush to get dressed and grab some breakfast before hoping the 2 trains and then going to work for a good 16 hours in the span of 27 hours… it actually may be more if I have to work Monday night. I haven’t checked yet. Talk about pushing tin right?

A boy rests his head on a pillow. I sit here in front of the computer before the alarm because I vowed that I was going to get back to my daily blogging.

Yesterday was yet another last minute adventure. As I wrote in my list, I got a call in the morning asking me if I wanted to do something. Well, I was originally supposed to be in San Diego with this gent for one of my days off, but it played out like yet another movie scene.

I called the Metrolink right near my house to ask about when the trains would come in. It told me at 51 every hour. I am a habitual procrastinator. I vegged a wee bit, and then scrambled to get ready on time. My roommates friend has been over at the apartment periodically checking up on the animals. She’s fairly upset because since I have been gone, the house isn’t exactly immaculate; even though it isn’t at all when my roommate is home. I think that’s what her problem is.. I really honestly don’t know.

The train station is about oh 3-4 blocks away from me. It’s not far at all, but a good 10-15 minute walk. I was trying to dress date nice.. which always requires heels for me. Since she was there I asked her about possibly hitching a ride down the street from her. Most normal human beings would have not thought it a big deal. She, however, was a cunt, and gave me the brush off with excuses:

“I have stuff to do”

“It would only take a minute and I’d appreciate it a ton.”

“Gas is expensive.”

“Um for 3 blocks? It’s not that expensive.”

“I have stuff to do..”

I wasn’t her problem to deal with. I get it. However, it progressed. My roommates shower is the only bathroom with one in our apartment. I needed to take one before I left, and told the girl that she needed to be out of the room when I did that. She told me no and that I was going to have to deal with her.

Something else that bothered me was her total lack of consideration for me in my apartment. She came and went as she pleased because she had Morgan’s key. When I was getting ready the other day, I was acting as if no one was there. I was getting dressed and walking around the apartment. I heard the front door slam a lil while into it.. after having walked around in the nude.

I am so ready to get out of that apartment.

So when I got the call to pop down to Irvine to visit this boy I used to date again, I got on the train straight away. Metro is amazing. I envy Daddy’s commute to work more and more everytime that I ride it. It was cheap to come out.. same price to come to OC as it was to LA.

He got me at the train station and we came back to the hotel he was staying at. We joked and reminisced about how the last time I’d been in that Mustang.. we were both afraid for our lives. It really never was an Alaska car.

I decided for the first trip that I’d made with him, I wasn’t going to wear heels. We’d gone on 2 trips together prior.. one I visited him in Alaska when I was living in San Diego (ironically he lives in San Diego now).. the other when we went to GDC in San Francisco.

Visiting in hotels was what was common. It was different to look out the window and not see a huge city of lights, or ground covered in pure white snow. All hotels seem to have the same basic format though. This one though.. the staff and people here.. they made it more personable. Perhaps it was because it was the best of the hotels we stayed at. Perhaps it was that we were here to enjoy it, and didn’t have business or any real outside distractions this time. And even though I tossed and turned in my sleep last night.. it wasn’t here.. it wasn’t because of him. It was relaxing and welcoming.

Once I twittered about where I was, I was told I should ask about getting cookies here. I asked at the front desk, but they were already gone. We were in the middle of being escorted in the back of this hotel kitchen though to reheat a pizza. I really wish I’d had my camera. I went to get change to tip the guy, as it was after the kitchen was long past closed. On the way back down the long hallway, I asked one of the staff that was cleaning if he had anything good to eat.. cookies or what not. He snuck me some cookies.

The rest of the day prior was full of other assorted win as well. It was simple, but fun. It was exactly what I’d wanted. Conversation, sushi, drinks, down time, to watch some Indy, cuddle, etcetera. I was hoping that I’d get through to some local OC friends that I haven’t been able to hang out with in forever, but it didn’t happen. Ah well, push my luck. There’s always next time.

The last trip that we went on together was horrible. This time though, it was just us.. none of that extra crap. And we had a good time. Some things never really change… the looks, the sleeping patterns, the reactions to how I’m a lil bit silly in public (there was someone playing an accoustic cover of Goo Goo Dolls-Iris and I began to ballet dance), “the stick up my ass is still there it just has a lil button for when it comes out,” and then some things do… he took care of most everything , I had toned down being as “obnoxious,” we had grown a bit older.. a bit wiser.. but were generally the same.

Now is this the part where I say that we still have butterflies? Honestly? I’m not sure what this was besides a good time with an old friend that I have a sexual connection with as well.

Where my heart is at the moment? I love to date. I also love the idea of sport fucking. I’m picky though. I believe the words hopeless and romantic go together for a reason. And that’s me deep down.

I am a romantic and hopeless.. and I want all of what that encompasses. I want the magic. I want too much it seems in this day and age. However, the sets of sparkler romances I seem to encounter aren’t terribly bad either. And if something more becomes of one one day, then I’ll let it play out like the movie it usually is.. and hope that it doesn’t end tragically this time.

And now that I feel like Carey Bradshaw.. I need to rush to get dressed, possibly participate in some quick sport, and try and get a bite to eat before boarding the trains to get h0ome and be 15 minutes late for work very well possibly.

Lessons Learned this week

  • 20- Hot curlers can “safely” be left on all day.
  • 19- No matter how cute you look in short shorts or a short dress, DO NOT even think about wearing it in public in a club or a bar unless you want every single loser to approach you. Because the worthwhile guys will not approach someone that looks like a hooker unless they just want sex. Ladies, DO invest in a couple of pairs of really good jeans.. or jeans with a “handle.” I swear by mine. Also DO wear the top thats low enough to show off, but not so low as your ladies are everywhere to be seen.
  • 18- Racial or religious discussions should never be discussed while drinking. Nor at work. This is something I knew already but however it still happened.
  • 17- Many people do not understand what’s involved in the fetish scene.. even people who think that they really do. And people that you may think wouldn’t, you need to look out for.. because they probably actually do have more of an idea then you think.
  • 16- If you want to see just how tough a guy is call him a vagina even in teasing or question his manhood. The more you do, the more he will feel the need to prove that he’s a man. This is actually quite awesome a majority of the time. It will tell you which ones have a sense of humor and which ones just don’t have the skin tough enough to deal with it. (Btw, yes this was a test, you passed)
  • 15- If you’re going to get drunk and text, twitter it. Why? Because even if it doesn’t go through on there, it will still go through to your Friendfeed, and you can go “Wtf was I thinking?!” later (this is really bad advice btw)
  • 14- When all is said and done, no matter how much your best friend detests who you are interested in, she will still be willing to put the both of you up in her apartment cross country.. provided you are not that one guy she personally can’t stand (and no dear, she’s not even talking about you.. she said she would deal with you… lol.. just not dakine)
  • 13- Cool people write you a message telling you happy birthday in a digital means. Awesome people send you hand written cards in the snail mail and send you flowers from halfway across the world. (I appreciated both btw, just laugh if you didn’t do the second part!)
  • 12- The way you can truly gage a friends love for you is not how much money they are able to lend you in a bind, how often they call or write.. no the way to any friends true heart is if they are willing to spend 12 hours slaving over apple butter because that’s what you said you had a craving for.
  • 11- Fake eyelashes turn heads… like majorly in a good way, in the right places… in most everywhere I went actually.
  • 10- If you have to pack extra shoes, double check both are in your bag. Specifically in a rush. Or I hope that you’re happy with the other ones.
  • 9- Never call work and ask about friends switching shifts before plans are indeed solid solid (which is weird because its part of making them solid solid)
  • 8- Never have clean clothes on the floor of any room while drinking. It doesn’t matter if you are the one drinking or they are. If you don’t want to do laundry later, just move em.
  • 7- Never carry a book with the word “Sex” vividly on the cover on any form of public transportation. Even the ones who look conservative will wink at you… it doesn’t matter how classy you dress.
  • 6- Never get on/pay for a train before asking the question “Are you sure you want me on this train?” no matter what the conversation sounds like before doing so.
  • 5- When you know your limit, tell people that are too drunk to understand, just to stfu.
  • 4- Never leave the house without spare lipstick, eyeliner, the cell phone, music, pen, and notebook. Also for me, it’s my camera, extra batteries, and chargers.
  • 3- The timetables and phone numbers of the Metrolink, Amtrak, and all bus services need to be memorized, put on speed dial on the cell, and rushed last minute emergency procedures need to be planned in advance, so as not to miss any trains or busses in the future.
  • 2- All tech devices are to be kept charged as much as possible at all times. Having multiple chargers is a must for would be last minute travelers.

and the biggest, most important rule of all…

  • 1- If its a weekend, or any day that you think your friends may have off, ALWAYS, and yes ALWAYS get dressed that day like you are going to have a last minute date.. because you never know when someone will randomly call and just say “hey, let’s do something…”

(case in point, it’s 1030 am and I have a date right now and need to head out.. and of course I was too busy making this list then to get dressed and ready to go out =p)