A comic book introduction: Correspondence with Mr. Parker


Subject: 1970s Spiderman ringtone

Not only do I think that it’s awesome that you have that MP3, but I’m curious if you might potentially send it my way.

Mary Jane



Hi, MJ.
I would love to send it to you, but unfortunately, I’m completely backward with technology. Once I get my computer-literate friend over here, I’ll be sure to fire it your way.

You’re from Joliet, but you live in California? You’re lucky. I really want to migrate west some day. It’s only been a dream of mine since I was like ten.

I’m assuming your real name isn’t Mary Jane. If it was, we’d have to be best friends.

Hope to hear from ya,





Yes I live in California right now and I work in the tech industry as well as am a freelance journalist for an arts and entertainment publication. [redacted]

I look forward to getting the ringtone from you when you figure it out 🙂

Hope you are staying dry over there.

the redhead not necessarily known as Mary Jane but.. could be for the right Mr. Parker.




I actually went to school for journalism for a time. I was an editor on the school paper, he said geekily. I really like Chicago, but I’ve always wanted to live out west. As a kid, it always just seemed so cool out there.

I am trying….it was pretty nasty last night, but I was indoors, so it was more fun than anything else. If you ever find yourself in the area again, we could maybe meet up and high five or something.

Not actually named Peter but has been described by former girlfriend as Peter Parker-esque. Is still looking for his MJ.


Oh the back and forth of a pair of comic book adorers.  Even if this isn’t the Peter Parker to my Mary Jane, I still think it’s a pretty rad set of notes to start on.