The List Blogs: Weekend summation

Here’s what I got accomplished this weekend:

  • Errands and personal business
  • Worked on resumes
  • Looked for new job leads
  • Drank with a friend in from San Diego
  • Watched 30 days of Night
  • Showed my friend Mirror’s Edge
  • Discussed my super secret project
  • Purchased some postcards
  • Ate grits at S &W
  • forgot that they only take cash
  • P aroused the internet some more for job leads
  • Talked to a couple of friends about work
  • Taught my son how to cheat in a video game
  • Applied to be on a game show
  • Studied for my motorcycle permit test
  • broke a dresser
  • Had chai with a new friend
  • Dumped a full camera’s worth of video onto my computer
  • Picked a flower
  • Walked 2 miles
  • Took a drive just because
  • Discovered some new music
  • Talked to a boy I like (that’s not a douchebag or a liar)
  • Ate cake
  • Created 8 bit art
  • Found a new place to hang out at
  • Talked to friends
  • Took pictures
  • Discussed further pictures to be taken
  • Read a bit of Transmetropolitan (trade #2)
  • oh and washed dishes finally.

Hurray for a full weekend!

In celebration

Of my new job back in the video game industry…
and a drama free boy who will hold me down but not hold me back.
dun dun dun.
A couple of friends of mine decided to go out to this little bar in Burbank that hosts a teeny little function every Tuesday night the laymen calls… Pornstar Karaoke.
Yes, seriously.
On this grand night once a week, people come from near and far (some random guy that hit on me was from France) to watch some Pornstars sing karaoke… and maybe get an autograph or 3.
The crowd varies from industry “talent”, college frat boy types, fanboys, milfs, army men, and milf hunters.
Now, living in LA, celebs and pornstars aren’t really that big of a deal to me.  Hell, I’m waiting for the thing that will indeed actually phase me about this town.  I think at this point I’ve become immune to most anything that’s “out of the ordinary” already.
Midgets?  Trannies?  Grannies dressed like hipsters?
Between my rather ecentric boy and my awesometacular array of friends… I do alright for being fresh as Doug E to the LA scene.
However, last night…
I was running late to meet a couple of guy friends out at Sardy’s.  I arrived right as one got there.  There was a line outside.  This was only my second trip.  Every night I’ve gone though, has been an experience.  This was no exception.
There was a line outside for reasons unknown.  My friend (who prefers to remain off the radar a bit) has gone quite a few times
“There’s never been a line like this.  I have no idea what the fuck that’s about…”
The bar was to full capacity and the bouncers were worried about the fire code.  It took a few minutes but we got in.  Pornstars to your left, pornstars to your right.  Ah Sardo’s.  Gotta love it.
Last time we were there, I wore that corset top I had on at the last San Diego tweetup.  I was asked if I was talent and hit on by random losers who could barely make out a cohesive sentence let alone were even worthy of making out with.
We couldn’t get a table and didn’t want to stand on the sidelines.  We bee lined to the bar and found my other friend.  He’d been there about twenty minutes already.  I said 11-ish.. which really meant about 1130 safely.  For me, it took 20 to get there anyway.  Another LA acquired mentality- it’s 20 minutes to get anywhere.  I timed myself this time.  Twenty minutes exactly.
You could barely move in there.  It was a pain just getting to the bar, let alone finding a place to sit.  Finally we found a spot with a military birthday man in from Carolina and two lovely ladies.
We figured out why it was so busy.  AVN was filming something.  And, there was a legendary appearance by none other than.. you guessed it, Ron Jeremy.
A few pictures from last night’s debauchery have been added to my “Been Drinkin” set on Flickr.
I tweeted about it this morning, and a few lovely ladies want to come out next time we go.  I say, the more the merrier.  Want to go with?  Comment here or dm me on twitter.  I’d say don’t bother responding if you’re creepy, but hell.. you might just blend in there.

Lessons Learned this week

  • 20- Hot curlers can “safely” be left on all day.
  • 19- No matter how cute you look in short shorts or a short dress, DO NOT even think about wearing it in public in a club or a bar unless you want every single loser to approach you. Because the worthwhile guys will not approach someone that looks like a hooker unless they just want sex. Ladies, DO invest in a couple of pairs of really good jeans.. or jeans with a “handle.” I swear by mine. Also DO wear the top thats low enough to show off, but not so low as your ladies are everywhere to be seen.
  • 18- Racial or religious discussions should never be discussed while drinking. Nor at work. This is something I knew already but however it still happened.
  • 17- Many people do not understand what’s involved in the fetish scene.. even people who think that they really do. And people that you may think wouldn’t, you need to look out for.. because they probably actually do have more of an idea then you think.
  • 16- If you want to see just how tough a guy is call him a vagina even in teasing or question his manhood. The more you do, the more he will feel the need to prove that he’s a man. This is actually quite awesome a majority of the time. It will tell you which ones have a sense of humor and which ones just don’t have the skin tough enough to deal with it. (Btw, yes this was a test, you passed)
  • 15- If you’re going to get drunk and text, twitter it. Why? Because even if it doesn’t go through on there, it will still go through to your Friendfeed, and you can go “Wtf was I thinking?!” later (this is really bad advice btw)
  • 14- When all is said and done, no matter how much your best friend detests who you are interested in, she will still be willing to put the both of you up in her apartment cross country.. provided you are not that one guy she personally can’t stand (and no dear, she’s not even talking about you.. she said she would deal with you… lol.. just not dakine)
  • 13- Cool people write you a message telling you happy birthday in a digital means. Awesome people send you hand written cards in the snail mail and send you flowers from halfway across the world. (I appreciated both btw, just laugh if you didn’t do the second part!)
  • 12- The way you can truly gage a friends love for you is not how much money they are able to lend you in a bind, how often they call or write.. no the way to any friends true heart is if they are willing to spend 12 hours slaving over apple butter because that’s what you said you had a craving for.
  • 11- Fake eyelashes turn heads… like majorly in a good way, in the right places… in most everywhere I went actually.
  • 10- If you have to pack extra shoes, double check both are in your bag. Specifically in a rush. Or I hope that you’re happy with the other ones.
  • 9- Never call work and ask about friends switching shifts before plans are indeed solid solid (which is weird because its part of making them solid solid)
  • 8- Never have clean clothes on the floor of any room while drinking. It doesn’t matter if you are the one drinking or they are. If you don’t want to do laundry later, just move em.
  • 7- Never carry a book with the word “Sex” vividly on the cover on any form of public transportation. Even the ones who look conservative will wink at you… it doesn’t matter how classy you dress.
  • 6- Never get on/pay for a train before asking the question “Are you sure you want me on this train?” no matter what the conversation sounds like before doing so.
  • 5- When you know your limit, tell people that are too drunk to understand, just to stfu.
  • 4- Never leave the house without spare lipstick, eyeliner, the cell phone, music, pen, and notebook. Also for me, it’s my camera, extra batteries, and chargers.
  • 3- The timetables and phone numbers of the Metrolink, Amtrak, and all bus services need to be memorized, put on speed dial on the cell, and rushed last minute emergency procedures need to be planned in advance, so as not to miss any trains or busses in the future.
  • 2- All tech devices are to be kept charged as much as possible at all times. Having multiple chargers is a must for would be last minute travelers.

and the biggest, most important rule of all…

  • 1- If its a weekend, or any day that you think your friends may have off, ALWAYS, and yes ALWAYS get dressed that day like you are going to have a last minute date.. because you never know when someone will randomly call and just say “hey, let’s do something…”

(case in point, it’s 1030 am and I have a date right now and need to head out.. and of course I was too busy making this list then to get dressed and ready to go out =p)