I’m not vague, I’m claustrophobic…

Jennifer Stavros is a self proclaimed muse, metroblogger, documentarist, video game lover, and social media advocate.

Jennifer found out early on that her life’s passions were people and writing. Despite the fact that she is so young, her adventures have consisted of a pleathora of escapades in journalistic pursuits. She has over a decade combined of professional and personal experience.

Predating her ventures in social media, she was a major contributer to her high school newspaper (writer, structurial composition, and features editor), as well as the school’s video news team (behind camera). If there was a story that needed to be covered, she was there, beforehand, getting it.

Jennifer’s interest in video games grew as she… aged. All of 4ft, 11 inches in stature, much of her leisure time has been spent in front of a screen and behind a pencil, playing a multitute of paper, console and PC games.

In 2004, the much anticipated sequel to Everquest came out. After months of waiting, and playing other Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games, Jennifer made her first major mark on the gaming world. Told that she “could not handle the job” of being a bard, she created a wood elf troubador on the Mistmoore server named Cyren. Cyren became her life.. the character was more than just a digital toy.. in some ways, she was Cyren, and Cyren was her.

Around level 35, a friend told her “you will never make it to the level cap first on the server.” Well ahead of the curve already, she decided to start “trying.” She ended the level grind fest as the first troubador to the cap on her homeserver, and ranked 8th worldwide. She also owns the first woodworker (Lokust) to the level cap worldwide.

From there, she went on to the highest end of online gaming possible. She was a key member of two worldwide ranked high end raiding guilds; Lost of Mistmoore, and Malice of Grobb. She would regularly “box” other characters and camp raid monsters.. directly contributing in numerous ways to the day to day tasks of a successful raiding guild.

However, when the first major expansion (Desert of Flames) came out, she decided to focus more on some personal family matters. Ironically, at this time, she also returned to journalism. She became a staff writer for Stratics (an online publication covering primarily MMORPG’s) under the aliases Cherry and cyren_eq2.

In 2006, she was invited to cover the Electronic Entertainment Expo. She enjoyed interviewing and learning about the stories of what produced many hours of addiction. When in the interview with Sony Online Entertainment, she was complimented on her interviewing skills “that only a person who played the game would know to want to ask.” When she told the gentlemen she interviewed with her character’s name in game, it was met with much astound- they knew who she was. She was highly honored that her character had fame and notoriety that only a nerd could appreciate.

Shortly after, she became a tester for Sony Online Entertainment. Her (then married) name is in the credits of Untold Legends 3, for the Playstation 3. She then went on to work as a game moderator for various games at Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Jennifer knew early on where she wanted to be.. her dreams.. but she didn’t know where to go with them. When social media came into her life, the path became clear, and became her primary focus… with emphasis still in her three loves.

For as long as she can remember, three things have always remained constant- her love for digital entertainment (video games, tech, gadgets, new media, pop culture), her love for the free flow of information (technology, philosophy, psychology, the internet, written word, interviewing) and her love for the creation process. (journalism, artistry, written words, photography, music, and dance)

And the list goes on…

Jennifer’s first memories are of video games, and of carrying a composition notebook everywhere. Two things that have have not changed… only to be added to with a camera.

Jennifer’s stories have been described as colloquial and light in text. From the random to mundane, hers are the tales of a girl overcoming a series of adverse “hiroshimas” and embracing her potential.

She is working on various collaborative projects within the social media, music, modeling, and tech scene- while also working a 9-5 with a top video game company.  Concurrently, she is also working on a degree in Game Programming and Computer Information Systems… and plans on pursuing a Masters in Dance.

Jennifer Stavros is an enigma and collection of technological, journalistic and social adventure. She invites you to read her stories, listen to her podcasts, and share your own stories. Because it is your stories that feed her desire to inspire. Who will be her next inspiration? Perhaps the answer is you.

**Disclaimer: The opinions, writings and entries here are that of the writer and are not affiliated with any employers worked for/with in the past and or present.  User discretion is advised.**

One thought on “I’m not vague, I’m claustrophobic…

  1. Whats up Cyren! was looking at some old eq2 stuff and came across this, im not sure if you remember me. hit me up!

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