3rd Time is a charm?

I can’t believe that I had 2 days off this week. It was bizarre. However it’s back in high speed mode yet again. After this posting, I have to rush to get dressed and grab some breakfast before hoping the 2 trains and then going to work for a good 16 hours in the span of 27 hours… it actually may be more if I have to work Monday night. I haven’t checked yet. Talk about pushing tin right?

A boy rests his head on a pillow. I sit here in front of the computer before the alarm because I vowed that I was going to get back to my daily blogging.

Yesterday was yet another last minute adventure. As I wrote in my list, I got a call in the morning asking me if I wanted to do something. Well, I was originally supposed to be in San Diego with this gent for one of my days off, but it played out like yet another movie scene.

I called the Metrolink right near my house to ask about when the trains would come in. It told me at 51 every hour. I am a habitual procrastinator. I vegged a wee bit, and then scrambled to get ready on time. My roommates friend has been over at the apartment periodically checking up on the animals. She’s fairly upset because since I have been gone, the house isn’t exactly immaculate; even though it isn’t at all when my roommate is home. I think that’s what her problem is.. I really honestly don’t know.

The train station is about oh 3-4 blocks away from me. It’s not far at all, but a good 10-15 minute walk. I was trying to dress date nice.. which always requires heels for me. Since she was there I asked her about possibly hitching a ride down the street from her. Most normal human beings would have not thought it a big deal. She, however, was a cunt, and gave me the brush off with excuses:

“I have stuff to do”

“It would only take a minute and I’d appreciate it a ton.”

“Gas is expensive.”

“Um for 3 blocks? It’s not that expensive.”

“I have stuff to do..”

I wasn’t her problem to deal with. I get it. However, it progressed. My roommates shower is the only bathroom with one in our apartment. I needed to take one before I left, and told the girl that she needed to be out of the room when I did that. She told me no and that I was going to have to deal with her.

Something else that bothered me was her total lack of consideration for me in my apartment. She came and went as she pleased because she had Morgan’s key. When I was getting ready the other day, I was acting as if no one was there. I was getting dressed and walking around the apartment. I heard the front door slam a lil while into it.. after having walked around in the nude.

I am so ready to get out of that apartment.

So when I got the call to pop down to Irvine to visit this boy I used to date again, I got on the train straight away. Metro is amazing. I envy Daddy’s commute to work more and more everytime that I ride it. It was cheap to come out.. same price to come to OC as it was to LA.

He got me at the train station and we came back to the hotel he was staying at. We joked and reminisced about how the last time I’d been in that Mustang.. we were both afraid for our lives. It really never was an Alaska car.

I decided for the first trip that I’d made with him, I wasn’t going to wear heels. We’d gone on 2 trips together prior.. one I visited him in Alaska when I was living in San Diego (ironically he lives in San Diego now).. the other when we went to GDC in San Francisco.

Visiting in hotels was what was common. It was different to look out the window and not see a huge city of lights, or ground covered in pure white snow. All hotels seem to have the same basic format though. This one though.. the staff and people here.. they made it more personable. Perhaps it was because it was the best of the hotels we stayed at. Perhaps it was that we were here to enjoy it, and didn’t have business or any real outside distractions this time. And even though I tossed and turned in my sleep last night.. it wasn’t here.. it wasn’t because of him. It was relaxing and welcoming.

Once I twittered about where I was, I was told I should ask about getting cookies here. I asked at the front desk, but they were already gone. We were in the middle of being escorted in the back of this hotel kitchen though to reheat a pizza. I really wish I’d had my camera. I went to get change to tip the guy, as it was after the kitchen was long past closed. On the way back down the long hallway, I asked one of the staff that was cleaning if he had anything good to eat.. cookies or what not. He snuck me some cookies.

The rest of the day prior was full of other assorted win as well. It was simple, but fun. It was exactly what I’d wanted. Conversation, sushi, drinks, down time, to watch some Indy, cuddle, etcetera. I was hoping that I’d get through to some local OC friends that I haven’t been able to hang out with in forever, but it didn’t happen. Ah well, push my luck. There’s always next time.

The last trip that we went on together was horrible. This time though, it was just us.. none of that extra crap. And we had a good time. Some things never really change… the looks, the sleeping patterns, the reactions to how I’m a lil bit silly in public (there was someone playing an accoustic cover of Goo Goo Dolls-Iris and I began to ballet dance), “the stick up my ass is still there it just has a lil button for when it comes out,” and then some things do… he took care of most everything , I had toned down being as “obnoxious,” we had grown a bit older.. a bit wiser.. but were generally the same.

Now is this the part where I say that we still have butterflies? Honestly? I’m not sure what this was besides a good time with an old friend that I have a sexual connection with as well.

Where my heart is at the moment? I love to date. I also love the idea of sport fucking. I’m picky though. I believe the words hopeless and romantic go together for a reason. And that’s me deep down.

I am a romantic and hopeless.. and I want all of what that encompasses. I want the magic. I want too much it seems in this day and age. However, the sets of sparkler romances I seem to encounter aren’t terribly bad either. And if something more becomes of one one day, then I’ll let it play out like the movie it usually is.. and hope that it doesn’t end tragically this time.

And now that I feel like Carey Bradshaw.. I need to rush to get dressed, possibly participate in some quick sport, and try and get a bite to eat before boarding the trains to get h0ome and be 15 minutes late for work very well possibly.

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