It may just be stuff but its fun stuff

Convo with a friend as he’s helping me move the last bit of stuff into storage this past weekend:

HE: Um.. why the hell do you have tiki torches? You don’t have a lawn.
ME: because I’m awesome?

5 minutes later…
HE: Um… a china man hat? What are you raiden?
ME: Never can tell.

5 minutes later…
ME: Oh my wings! I was wondering where those were!
HE: Ok I’ve stopped being surprised now. I’ve just come to the conclusion that you are weird.

Sanity is a fun thing to entertain sometimes. And to a degree, I aspire to be very boring. And while this stuff I carry around is just STUFF… I live for the day my kids are sifting through it laughing and smiling about what a fun time I had when I was alive.

Tale of a 5 second vagabond

Today I called a girl I met at a party last summer that is a vagabond.  In my “interviewing” of her she could tell that I was a journalist.  I questioned her about her journey.  I told her a little bit about my story… about feeling the weight of all of this wonderful junk.  What better way to learn something about freedom than from someone who is living a life free of all of that weight.

I asked her how long she had been doing it.

– She’s been living that way for 4 years now.

I asked her if she got tired of that lifestyle.

– She wasn’t.

I asked her if it was worth it.

– She said absolutely.  That she enjoyed how her story was truly unique.  She said she learned a lot about herself and other people- combined and separately.

I asked her if she’d ever found a place that felt like “home.”

-She hadn’t.  She said she saw much of the US and the world but hadn’t had that feeling.  She’d come close but not quite there.

I asked her a lot of questions but what struck me the most was when I asked her this one: What would happen if you fell in love with someone?

-She replied that she believed this would be the time that she stopped vagabonding.  This was all she ever wanted.  This was what deep down she was seeking.

And then… I realized something:

I don’t think I’ll be vagabonding.

I have everything that I could possibly want… everything that I could possibly dream of… right here.

And while it’s not completely all set and perfect, it’s more than most have.  Roots are a treasured commodity of the heart and of the mind.

I have to shed this artificial crap thats holding me back.  When I lighten the load, the rest of the journey will go much smoother.  If you’re going to pack heavy for your trip, pack it in your heart.

I have to fight for this.

I have to make it work.



I keep waking up to these dreams about it… and I know that I can make them my reality.


The white room.

will fight for this.

will make it work.