Where I was back then

Ten years ago I had just graduated high school and was working a crap overnight job living in Illinois with my friend Sarah’s family. I remember waking up and seeing the television with the towers smoking, but in my sleepy haze from coming in only a few hours prior I thought that I was still dreaming of superheroes.

When I woke up later that day and saw the televisions were still the same, I knew something had happened.  The talk about the events that transpired continued to late in the night… around a different television with our other friends.

We didn’t know how much the world was going to change.  I didn’t know anyone in New York or in the service.  I don’t believe my friends did either.

I remember how much travel has changed because of it.  How 10 years ago I wouldn’t think there would be anti-terrorist troops out in masses on my train ride cross town to see my dad or the massive lines of security at the airport.

I would like to say that Americans are less selfish than they used to be.  I would like to say that we have united together for something greater.

One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Ten years have passed and we have made some progress towards that goal.  But we still aren’t quite there yet.

Where were you when 9/11 happened? How has it changed you? I want to know.

Always Remember.