Social with geotagging! Episode 2: real time gps tracking

As if there weren’t enough of these little 2.0 toys to catch your fancy, this weekend when my friend from San Diego said he was heading up for the day to visit, he let me know of yet another.

For those of you in the know already, there are various geotagging programs out there. Stalking, therefore, (as I previously posted about) in the new media age has become even easier.

About 6 weeks ago I was invited to a very secret meeting to brainstorm ideas for a social media related topic. I knew only one person entering the meeting, but was taken back upon revealing my twitter identity, to be met with the question:

You’re on Brightkite aren’t you? I’ve seen you checked in here.

As these programs become more and more popular I can see this becoming a more and more common occurance. Can you imagine going to into a work meeting and having the following conversation occur:

1.So how was that bar you went to last night?

2.What bar?

1.Oh the one that you posted you went to on X social geotagging site….

As a woman it’s a scary thought.

I know of at least one woman who has been stalked via her geotagging submissions.

But wait, there’s more!

Enter and google latitude.

Both of these sites utilize your phone to announce your locations in real time.

I’m not surprised. Again even scarier though.

My friend Dan Spisak just laughed at me.  I’d gotten lost on the freeway to go somewhere I’ve been a few times… that was down the street from work.

“Oh that would be wonderful.  Then I could give you some really bad directions and watch you get totally and completely lost in real time!”

Yes indeed.  Such wonderful programs… to get stalked on and give my friends ways to prank me.  Thanks 2.0!