Tick Tock

130 pm.

I should be getting ready to go.  I have a ___ in an hour.  I don’t feel like budging.

I took the folded clothes and moved them to a chair in my corner.  My bed still needs the sheets on it.  My room is a mess.  My bathroom is a mess.

It was the earthquake.  Yes that’s right.  The earthquake.

“The one in 87?”

“Um, no the one a little over a month ago…”

“Doh that joke was fail before it even started then.”

“Ha pretty much.”

My roommate had to use my shower this morning.  There was some issue with the pipes or something and his shower was backing up with water.  It’s been an interesting morning.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my bathroom/bedroom isn’t a mess, it’s a test in boyfriend dexterity.

It’s a good thing I couldn’t sleep.  I was on the phone with a colon romeo (inside joke) and forced myself to catch some winks early para moi-ala 4 am.


There was a knock on our front door.  I wasn’t dressed.  I threw on a tshirt wondering who the hell it could possibly be at this obscene hour.  They’re going to fix Steve’s drain.  They need the door unlocked so they can work on it all day. So much for taking a shower right now.

Our apartment is directly above the garage- or more importantly, his bathroom is directly over the Beast (my truck).  We heard the sound of rushing water.  It looked like it was right over the truck.  Fucking fabulous.  That truck has already had enough abuse.  I did not need that.  How the hell do you explain to your friend that loans you their vehicle that not only did you put a huge dent in it.. erm, no it’s a zit… that now you can cast for showings of Riverdance in the back of it.

We shall see.  We shall see.


Thankfully, that didn’t happen.  Crisis averted.  I’m sure something else will likely happen with the truck though.  I mean, I’m on a roll.  I mean.. I’m sure nothing will happen again, ever ever ever.

So here I am hours later.. I’ve known about these plans all night.  I could have cleaned.  I could have napped beforehand.  I could have eaten a real meal.  I’ve done little to nothing that wasn’t work related.  Which reminds me, I still have to write another business proposal when I get home.  That will be fun at __ hour of the morning.

Is it possible to be so nervous and excited that you just…

I should be getting dressed.  I should be trying on a dozen outfits to pick out the first one.  I’m not.  I may not even brush my hair.

I’m sitting here naked and thinking of you.. in a sexual way.  In a nonsexual way. I’m sitting here naked.. there’s a million things I need and want to do.


Will it be tears or will it be elation?

Stay tuned.