This was going to be pretty epic tonight.  I was going to bring not just a date to a social media event, but someone I genuinely care about- two things that I haven’t done yet.  It was talked about me having a possible +1 previously, but…

This would likely have been the last tweetup I’d be able to go to down south for awhile.  Work during the week prevents my schedule from being quite as free to taking the long drive down.

I love going home.. there’s a freeing feeling that I get everytime I’m there.  However, there is also some mindfucking I could do without.  I am sick and tired of bullshit games and drama over absolutely nothing.  Fret not, I haven’t been scared off of going to the events (sorry to break it to you, you know who).  I will be attending them occassionally, but just not as frequently as I have been.

To my friends down there who are unfortunately effected by this, know this has absolutely nothing to do with you.  You are amazing and I wish I was closer.  Some days I just wish more than anything I was back home… 5 minutes away from the heart of.. my heart.  But last month’s events, and now the developments I have here…

I value my sanity and my relationship with the grip more than to tolerate the unnecessary garbage I have had to deal with when even in the same room and civil as…

I’ll see you someday soon I hope.  Maybe on a weekend we can have our own mini-tweetup and catch up.


It’s loud. It’s quirky. It’s tempermental and somewhat unpredictable.
No, I’m not referring to me last night… a friend was actually gracious enough to lend me his truck for awhile.

“Just so you know, I’m not responsible if this breaks down.” he said.
“Um, that’s comforting…”

He brought me to the garage and handed me the keys. He had to explain the quirks of it.

“So I know you smoke, but you should be careful because the gastank is right behind you..”

The seats are bolted into place. I had to put the laptop behind me when I drove. It’s actually a rocketpack if anyone asks.

“The gas gauge is broken. So just make some left turns and if you hear it slosh around, then you’re good…”

Having used public transit and spent more money than this is likely worth with rentals over the past few months, I just laughed and thanked him. I love to drive and it meant the world to be driving damn near anything. Ah the price of mobility, eh?) Besides, as a rockabilly girl, I guess it’s fine.

I was a little embarrassed when I drove up to Twiistup 4 in this huge beast.

“It’s a beach truck.”

The valet just smiled and said it wasn’t that bad. I put my glasses on. I know it’s bad. A few friends have told me I should try and get it on Pimp My Ride.

I arrived sans date after all. But my night was far from horrible. I was originally going to wear slacks but went with a dress last minute. Polka dots and a red bow. No heels, lest my feet be killing me in the morning. I’ll need them for Mashable tomorrow.

I had an amazing time last night. I met a ton of new faces, and got to hang out more with some familiar ones.

I walked in and quickly found wmmarc and the TechZulu crowd. It was a rush. I was pulled this way and that. I talked to Vak and told him about how I’d been a fan of the site and wanted to help out. I ended up doing my first on camera interview for TechZulu. I was a bit nervous, but I think it went well. Things like that get easier in time right?

There were so many pictures taken. So much conversation and great people. I have another blog in the works about one of those in particular.
From the quirky to the ultra professional, it was an interesting turn out. And Mashable is going to be quite the party as well. Which I have to get showered and look for what exactly I’m going to wear to now. I swear gents, you have it so easy compared to us ladies.

I hope to see many of you again tonight and at more of the events. Yes, I’ll be that teensy girl with the loud beast of a vintage truck.. unless someone else drives me or it breaks down before then (please don’t beast.. please don’t..)

Bring that beat back

No, Twitter is not down (right now.. to my knowledge at least). I’m back from my trip down to yet another social media event. The trip was for more than just the tweetup. At the beginning of the year, I vowed to move back to San Diego by the end of the year… I wanted to end it where I started those first few moments… because that’s where home has always really been.

I’m not saying that the current place I live in is completely horrible.. it’s just.. well a bit too “Leave it to Beaver” for me. When I got the notice from Morgan and posted the ad, I really didn’t get too many bites.

(9:52:01 PM) Yesual8: one thing i can say about your ad.
(9:52:17 PM) Yesual8: it’s good at weeding out undesirables
(9:52:30 PM) Yesual8: your ad is very high brow
(9:52:38 PM) supernerdlady: pardon?
(9:52:46 PM) supernerdlady: i look full of myself?
(9:53:04 PM) Yesual8: no…it’s not that
(9:53:13 PM) supernerdlady: ug its not meant to be anything like that
(9:53:15 PM) Yesual8: it’s abit intimidating to the laymen
(9:53:29 PM) supernerdlady: thats just how i am
(9:53:38 PM) Yesual8: I can swim…but i also can recognize deep waters
(9:53:40 PM) supernerdlady: gah i cant win
(9:53:45 PM) Yesual8: catch my drift?
(9:53:59 PM) supernerdlady: in a bad way?
(9:54:13 PM) Yesual8: no
(9:54:17 PM) Yesual8: not bad at all

Still, I kept looking.. I’m still looking.. but I did get an interesting one the other day. It was a couple in one of the better areas of San Diego. I won’t go on about it too much, because I fear I will jinx myself, but here’s what I will say:

The couple was wonderful. The gentleman is in tech and so we could “talk to each other in our own language” and the lady of the house is equally as wonderful- she used to be a dance teacher. The apartment is gorgeous, and the “quick meeting” ended in me having to politely excuse myself to go to the tweetup. It was otherwise full of lots of good talking, both on the business end, as well as personal. They asked me for some rental references, and said that they were meeting some other people but would let me know by Monday. They had never rented via craigslist and were nervous about psychos. (Not me so said they)

One thing that I’ve figured out is that part of the draw of these events, are that no two are the same at all. That’s the draw and why it’s important if you have an interest, that you attend all of them. San Diego’s recent tweetup was at a local microbrewery. (in very close proximity to the apartment I looked at actually) The LA tweetup really was “LA” professional in a cliche (not bad) kind of way. San Diego was very kick back and relaxed, yet still professional, but less creative space.

I honestly didn’t know too many people at this tweetup as compared to the last one. I knew a few of them via twitter previously but was a bit nervous again.. being as that these are people that I will be seeing more in time.

And, it was a damn good time. Thanks so much to the sponsors @jbruin and @downtownrob. I met some new faces, added a personal face beyond familiar type with some, and am looking forward to seeing more of everyone when hopefully I move… if not this one, I’ll be proceeding with trying to find more.

I stayed late talking afterwards with a small crowd. Pictures from the tweetup were posted on a few flickr’s… Both Dan and Dan get shameless plugs here. There was also some qik footage taken. If I missed anyone, let me know.. I’m pretty sure I probably did.  Here’s a taste of what the party itself looked like via a panarama taken by @Viss

Given how late it was, and no work the next day, I decided to crash on a friends couch. I vegged during the day for the most part. Took some time to just chat, relax, go to the beach, have coffee… I didn’t have all the clothes I needed for the area I looked at the apartment in.. decided to search a bit online for some writing jobs, and enjoy the time back home. I was all business for the most part anyway.

The night before had its share of dips.. a rollercoaster that started again in the early morning. There are a handful of people whom I actually allow to message me at those hours. Otherwise, the unspoken code is never call/text me and expect a response before midday. And if I’m not twittering often, expect that the answer is “I’m busy” in as vague and direct a reply as possible. Despite the fact that I may twitter and fuck at the same time.. I’m consciously aware of everything I put out there.. (heh excuse the double entendre).

Why I went on that tangent, I may never know.

The point? I got a phone call in the morning. And some texts about something else. Both were very positive in semi unrelated but related ways. Fingers crossed.. my references were both called.. and.. ok the second part is my business.

More to be revealed later.. on the moving situation. Let’s just say.. that… oh man.. do I wish I was there yesterday.. oh wait.. I was =/ Sigh