This was going to be pretty epic tonight.  I was going to bring not just a date to a social media event, but someone I genuinely care about- two things that I haven’t done yet.  It was talked about me having a possible +1 previously, but…

This would likely have been the last tweetup I’d be able to go to down south for awhile.  Work during the week prevents my schedule from being quite as free to taking the long drive down.

I love going home.. there’s a freeing feeling that I get everytime I’m there.  However, there is also some mindfucking I could do without.  I am sick and tired of bullshit games and drama over absolutely nothing.  Fret not, I haven’t been scared off of going to the events (sorry to break it to you, you know who).  I will be attending them occassionally, but just not as frequently as I have been.

To my friends down there who are unfortunately effected by this, know this has absolutely nothing to do with you.  You are amazing and I wish I was closer.  Some days I just wish more than anything I was back home… 5 minutes away from the heart of.. my heart.  But last month’s events, and now the developments I have here…

I value my sanity and my relationship with the grip more than to tolerate the unnecessary garbage I have had to deal with when even in the same room and civil as…

I’ll see you someday soon I hope.  Maybe on a weekend we can have our own mini-tweetup and catch up.

reality check

I had an amazing night last night between a long time catchup with a friend and former coworker, the  LA tweetup, and clubbing afterwards.  It was my first social media event and I’m… hooked even more so.  When I walked in, people were so very welcoming.  It was something… just… I wish I had more time to explain… perhaps I will have time later.

But until then, let’s just say this- I know why I’m happy in the end to work as much as I do.. because I hate coming home to bullshit like this.

I couldn’t get on the net before @richandcreamy came by to pick me up… my net was giving me issues.  My roommate had to have known what was the problem.. she was home before I left, but chose to say nothing.

When she came home from Italy, things were alright at first.. but then it went RIGHT back to normal.  She vaccumed and picked up the little bit of mess in the living room and then I got stuck washing all her dishes from before she’d left.  And she was bitchy about it.  I’m sick of it.  It makes me thankful I’m at work more times than not.  She accused me of knocking something over.. couldn’t possibly have been her cats.  Etcetera.

Point being, I don’t go out tons.. I actually do budget.. but these past couple of weeks have been crazy in an awesome way.  I got to match some faces with tweets.. people made me blush and laugh so much.  Even though my feet were killing me at the end of the night, I still had the most amazing time out dancing.  I can’t believe I was so nervous.  In my head I was dancing the entire time.. once I got out on the floor, I was set.

I am going to become a posterboard for these tweetups.  I didn’t get many pictures personally because I was more interested in talking to everyone and hearing their stories.  If I did not add you on twitter, please pop me a message.. I do not want to forget about you.  These few moments I have to actually sit down and write even these snippets sometimes make me miss things.

I look forward to seeing people at more of these meetups.  It was an honor to meet all of you.

And now, off to work.. job 2.  (Someone please help me get a 9-5 already and get me the hell out of here. kk thnx bai)