i think my neighbor may be on meth

About, oh 2 weeks or so before I moved out here I went to Hollywood with my friend Vieve and her boyfriend. She wanted to steal me a few hours so I could meet a friend of hers- a fellow writer type. Needless to say, him and I hit it off.

(What’s with me and writers? Is that narcissistic?)

I’d told him I was planning on moving to San Diego. But when that changed and I ended up a few miles away, we made plans to eventually go out.

Last night, it finally happened.

No, not “it- it” but we had a good time.

He was late. Happy hour with his boss.

“Please don’t kill me.”

I’d eaten a little while prior to him coming out. I’m hypoglycemic and had a bad bout of it earlier. Food and nicotine… he was safe.

He apologized emphatically when he arrived. Decided to grab some sushi. At which point we had some of the worst service we’d ever had. The busboy got us a table. We waited and waited for our server. When she eventually came, she took forever getting us things. Then, when the food came- we were given some other table’s. I’ve eaten a lot of sushi on dates before. But, fuck if that was the most sushi I’ve seen for 2 people that wasn’t nigri rolls.

There’s a bar not far from me called Saints and Sinners. My roommate had recommended it. It’s a bit rockabilly and hipster. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ll have to bring the dark horse there someday.

We chatted about friends, work, fashion, and sang along. Bohemian Rhapsody light show anyone? A couple of white Russians and some vodka tonic later, my bladder decided that I needed to go home. I have this thing about restrooms in bars.. and it was close enough to my place anyway.

I jetted inside and then came back to sit in the car a bit more. The lights outside my apartment are annoyingly bright. We were parked in front of the garage talking and making out.

One of my neighbors came outside about 2am or so. She went into her car, then popped the hood and started messing around. What the fuck she was doing I have no idea. But who the hell fixes their car that late at night on a weekday? She didn’t drive out to go anywhere. Just fixed whatever she was going to and walked back upstairs.

My date and I just laughed. I saw someone on the third floor now watching. I didn’t care. It was a hell of a lot less weird than what we’d just seen.

Summation: That ranks up there in my odd makeout stories now. I guess it makes sense for LA though… I wonder if the next one will be like that.

Readers: What’s your oddest makeout story? I want to know.

Evolving to the meta response

These days, if you don’t send it via text format, I most likely don’t know about it.  Sure I do online research on things that fascinate me.. and watch television and go outside.  But if you really want me to notice what you’re doing- send it meta, and you will get a faster response.

The most recent blog was a response to another blog.. not listed for my own reasons, and, once again to provide some anonomity.

I got a message on my myspace referencing a comment that was made to this blog.  I wanted to respond via email- however will be doing so in yet another blog.

I’m noticing that is actually very common.  Are we that busy that we don’t pick up the phone anymore?  That digital transmissions have nearly replaced other forms of direct communication?

Have a fight? Resolve it in instant messages.  Email back and forth.

Want to get out your frustrations?  Start a forum war.  Cause drama online.  Why even bother leaving the privacy of your own home?  Do it the safer, quicker way.

How many of you would go nuts without your cell phones? The ability to get online?  The ability to digitally transcribe “I was here” in the sand?

Some days I think most of us just need to walk away and unplug for a bit.  Here’s to dedicating a few more hours a day towards weaning off the crack.  I’m going on a Jenny Craig of the meta proportion.  If you need me, you know where to find me…  yes, that means this weekend I plan on being at the beach again.  Home. Zen.


It’s all about ass today.  Yes, ass ass ass ass.. and no, not guys I date for once.

Last night before going to work the only pair of pants I could find were a green pair of skinny jeans.  I haven’t worn them in forever.  I’m not sure why exactly, I just haven’t.

Everytime I see a person in skinny jeans, I always associate having no ass.  These things fell off me when I wore em last.  They still fall off of me but not completely about to fall off anymore.  No, now I think I’m probably the only person with an ass that owns skinny jeans.

I hated my ass a year ago.  It’s always been there, but relatively also not existant in the ways of “Well boom! That’s an ass.”

In my mid morning/evening haze, I don’t recollect having any non nude photos of my ass pre now on my computer.  I could be wrong.  However, sorry, you won’t be able to compare it this time.

Now jeans riding low usually means a fishtail.  But then, there’s me.  And my logic is.. there’s only 3 times where underwear is an absolute must.  First dates, That time of the month, and business/family functions

Yes, I said it.  And you’re likely laughing because you know it’s completely logical.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go masterbate before I nap.  I have to work again in a few hours then have plans to go out and prance later. Buh bi!

Vices will be the death.. of someone

My roommate came back from Italy.  We’re still in the relaxed talkative about the trip mode.  She was telling me about the shopping.  She bought one pair of shoes while she was out there and some other assorted goodness.

It’s actually odd that I haven’t blogged about fashion yet.  It is one thing that I’m extremely devoted to.  I’m a bit of a chameleon.  I can’t stand looking like every other lemming.  However, I’m also a snob in some ways.  I believe in buying quality products that will be used constantly.  Investment in a pair of jeans or a good purse for example.  If you’re a woman, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I am a huge fan of foreign fashion.  I draw inspiration from varied places in time and around the world. It’s part of the secret of how I never seem to look the same day to day.

Morgan said that unfortunately it was expensive there, and that the conversion was horrible.  She brought back catalogs for one of her friends… left them on the table in the living room before she went to get grocerries.  (That’s a different story though.)  I looked and saw the websites.  They weren’t ones I recognized.

So here I am on my day off.. looking at yet again more things to spend my money on.. drooling at foreign shoes… trying to plan an outfit for Saturdays tweetup, and possibly talking to boys.

I have to go to Michaels.. the infamous ribbon of mine (the ones on many of my flickr pictures) went missing this week.  I’m hoping that someone at work found it.  I got it the birthday before last and it has been a staple of my fashion.  I want it back.. and probably some eyelash glue… I had a tube but that’s missing as well.  My room ate it.

Also, I’m going through my clothes and getting rid of some (I want less to pack come moving time), possibly modding others, and going to look into starting up my vintage shop finally.  It’s a little side business of mine in the works.  I really hate that I have to start over with ebay… my ex insisted that I use his account when I did all of my shopping and selling previously.. fucking stupid move on my part.

Perhaps a boy will get me something pretty for me to wear.. or a girl.. I wouldn’t say no.

(1:29:14 PM) supernerdlady: im horrible i know
(1:29:21 PM) supernerdlady: i dont expect any of it
(1:29:53 PM) someonepossibly: you aren’t horrible, you’re awesome


I’m incouragible.

good.. morning? evening? wth is this again?

Work was cancelled again due to the weather.. 2 days off for the overnight team. Tonight was a disaster. It was just one thing after another. The truck was really heavy today. So many boxes of heavy electronics. I swear that Kodak is the devil.

Someone gave me a broken pallete so one of my sections was a mess to organize. Thankfully I just unload it and put it there. I did the best that I could with what they gave me.

I was thinking about something personal and got a little down about it. I tried to push it off of my mind, then I got assigned to a department dealing with it. Awesome.

I did the front gum again and looked at the clock.. it should have been about time to go home. Oh no.. I got assigned to another department that I didn’t know. The guys were alright I suppose.. but I don’t know what’s the problem with some of the people there. Many of them have been there for years and seem shocked that little me is working at that hour. My friend David works overnights at his job so thankfully he keeps me entertained. I don’t know what I’d do without him and my ipod.

The sun comes up and we’re still not done. I asked when we leave, and they told me “When it’s done.” Ok, fine. But when it was nearly done, they ditched me to clean up their crap. Babysitting never stops.

I went to clock out and again more… I can’t find my card to punch out. So I have to take care of it when I go back Friday night. My boss was too busy to take care of it today. I hit the bus to head home and stopped at the juicer. First time I’ve paid for a smoothie since I’ve worked there. But there was a girl there that I hadn’t met. She knew who I was. She said she was hoping to meet me and really wanted to work with me. I didn’t realize I was that popular. Considering she’d never seen me and I didn’t have a nametag on, it was very odd.. but flattering.

Home for about an hour now. I drank half my smoothie and am preparing for my errands… here’s what I have to do:

  1. shower again
  2. go to an interview for a possible 3rd job
  3. walgreens for some personal stuff
  4. the bank and deposit my checks
  5. post office to pick something up bc the dumbass postman didn’t knock on my door to get a certified signature (though he’s left other things requiring that at our doorstop before)
  6. RadioShack to return the phone charger I bought while I was out in Santa Ana after writing the rule not to forget it.
  7. Schedule a doctors appointment, or go out and try and get a walk-in one.
  8. vaccum
  9. dishes
  10. clean the fridge
  11. garbage
  12. scrub the floors
  13. put away all the clothes in my room (heh um and go through some of them)
  14. go through the rest of the stuff in the storage area in the apartment
  15. schedule a pickup from Goodwill
  16. call dad to ask about rent for the month
  17. depending on daddy’s answer, update my wordpress account & troll ebay for some odds and ends
  18. try and get a hold of Mike about possible cheap tickets to Chicago next month for my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary
  19. emails
  20. check and catch up on blogs, friendfeeds, tweets
  21. caffeine caffeine caffeine
  22. relax

Eesh. So much for a day off right?

So today I got hit by a car again…

Sad to say that I’m serious.
I was riding my bike on the way to do the one errand I had to do today, and some guy in an alley did not see me. It was pretty scary. I was riding and saw no one there so I didn’t slow down. Then I see this car coming at me.

I’m fine. He just tapped me. Guy felt really bad about it. I have one little scratch but nothing major.
I tried tweeting about it when I hopped the bus but Twitter was down.
Little things like that seem to happen to me. This isn’t the first time I’ve been hit by a car outside of a “normal” car accident… it’s actually the first time I got hit by a car that wasn’t mine.

Yes, you read that right.. I was hit by my own car once. It was a long time ago, and that accident was a bit worse. I actually ended up getting the emergency treatment and nearly broke my legs.

Backing up, here’s what happened before that:

My friend Robin is the angel of death to the series of cars I had when I lived back home. Why? Because the only and every time I had car problems there, she was in the car when it happened. Sure they were not the best of cars to begin with. Sure, my uncle thinks he really knows about cars but might not be the best at it. Sure it could purely just be coincidental. But 3 transmissions and every single one? Yeah right!

I went to 3 different high schools back home. I knew most everyone. If we went somewhere, I knew someone. It drove her nuts. We were trying to figure out plans for the night and couldn’t come up with anything. I reccomended winging it, thinking we’d go out and run into someone anyway who might know of something to do. Tonight, at last minute, she made it clear that she wanted to go somewhere specific.

It wasn’t far from home. And I love to drive. (I miss driving so much) So we got in the car and headed over there. At this point, she’s rushing me. I’m speeding anyway, and then I hear a thud. My transmission dropped.

Robin gives me this eye and I just shrug. I have to get this taken care of. I have to get it out of the middle of the road. I don’t have insurance and couldn’t afford to get it towed. I told her to get out and help me push the car into a parking lot. She huffs and moves.

Now, unbeknownst to me as to why she did it, she locks the doors. So little 4 ft nothing me and tall string bean blonde her are pushing my Lebaron out of the road. It’s night and the streetlights are on.

We hadn’t really thought about it, but the parking lot that we were pushing the car into was at an incline. So when we started pushing, of course it started to roll down the hill. Robin was at the top, and had stopped pushing. She saw the light shine on my car and screams “It’s going to hit another car!”

I tried to open my door to step on the brakes. However, she had locked the damn door. I was thinking oh fuck, I’m going to have a mess if my car hits another car… what do I do?
Logically, the only thing for me to do was jump in between them.
So I run in front of my car, and stand in front of this parked one. The car bounced off my legs and stopped. It did not hit the other car.

Robin looked at me shocked that I’d just done that. There were people in a place eating looking dumbfounded at me.

“Are you alright?!” she screamed at me.
“Yeah, what are you talking about? I’m fine.” I said. And then my legs gave out.

They called an ambulance and had me checked out. Miraculously, I did not break my legs. I’d just sprained them or something. The doctor gave me some Tylenol 3 with Codeine. I was wheeled out to the waiting room to my parents, Robin, and her parents.

Now as a sidenote, but a relevant one, Robin and I were regulars for Cosmic bowling every Saturday night from 12-2. We’d go there and then hang out at a 24 hour coffee shop and smoke ciggarrettes and have pie and conversation with a group of other friends. Most everyone that lived local and was in the circle went. We knew all the business owners by first name, and they noticed if we were even late, let alone didn’t go. Hell, they hit on us. We were 19 though, so it was a given.

When I came into the waiting room, Robin’s immediate reaction was “Oh man you’re not going to be able to go to Cosmic are you?”
Not- “Are you alright?”
“Glad that you’re alright.”
“Did you break anything?”
No. It was her whineing that I couldn’t go bowling that weekend.

I was still living with family at the time. Dad was house sitting for a friend who had a big property. There was a jacuzzi inside the house (a big deal for in IL). Robin called on Saturday to ask me how I was, and if I was even going to go. “You could always just getting a walking band and not bowl you know? Just tell your dad that. How are you feeling anyway?”

How was I feeling?
I was quite enjoying the medication and the hottub… my response was “I have no legs! I have no legs!” I was buzzed off my mind.

I called her back later and told her I’d figure out a way to go though. My dad was still overprotective then… hasn’t died down yet… probably never will. I told him I was just going to sit and watch and hang out with my friends. I’m sure my dad knew better, but he let me go anyway, so long as Robin was the one who drove this time and I didn’t bowl.

I dressed the way I normally do for the meat market, minus the wraps on my legs and the crutches.

Oh and for those people who think it’s “hickish” to be going bowling and call that a meat market, out in the burbs where I grew up, there weren’t those types. I lived about 30-45 mins away from Chicago.. not the boonies thank you very much. There were a few cute boys there.. I was a frequent dater there too. But those are different stories.

I went to get my band for the night and they asked “Playing or walking.” Then they looked up and saw my crutches. “Geezus what the hell happened Jen? Guess you’re getting a walking band then eh?”

I handed him my crutches, and said “No, fuck that. I’m playing. I’m not a sissy girl.” And I did.

People knew a little bit about what had happened. They came up to our table afterwards and asked me if it was true.
“Did you really get hit by your own car?”
“Yes, and I didn’t break my legs. That’s what’s makes me hardcore.”

Man was I such a dumb kid.
That stuff only happens in my family.

However today was scary. Thankfully it wasn’t that bad though and I’m fine.
/rant off

Pardon me while I Kvetch

Awhile back, I casually introduced my best to a friend of mine.  I’ve known this other friend longer than my best, and have honestly flirted with him a bit in the past. That, however has little to nothing to do with this… but it’s part of todays ramble.

My best friend lives in the middle of abobinamable snowville… also called igloo town.. you know it as by it’s common name however-Alaska. How in the world does someone from Southern California manage to have a best friend up there you ask? Meeting her was actually a very odd tale. But not too too odd given that this is a digital age.

Yes, I seem to be a repeat masochist in long distance relationships. It has to do with some underlying issues, and I know exactly why. But once upon a time, I used to date a fellow Alaskan. One that used to be friends with her.

Now I love my best friend to death. I call her my wife. She is the first person I go to with most anything. She is my confessional, and I’m hers. We have a very strong relationship. Even people that do not like us both understand the kinship.

Something important about her that should be out there. She is one of a handful of whimsical people still in existence that I know. She is a rare breed. She is well versed, and grounded, while her head is in the clouds at the same time.

However… I’m not very thrilled right now about her.

When not involved with someone, she is the most wonderful and die hard loyalest friends. However once there is a guy in the picture, she seems to poof.

Enter my guy friend- cross country even. It was pretty casual that I introduced them. He’s one of those guy friends that I seem to know almost too well. He’s one I’d flirt with, probably even sleep with and date if he was local, but I’m not sure about serious. Not that he’s a bad guy, but he’s young.

Good guy friend. Best of gal friends. I knew she’d be into him. Why did I do that?

“You’re the best Yenta matchmaker ever!” she says after returning from the first trip she’s made cross country to see him.

I want to be happy for her. I really am happy that they are happy. However… it’s a bit frustrating. I feel like I’ve lost my friend to vagina filler.

Here I am in one hand all rooting for my friends. In the other, I’m walking the line very carefully worrying that it’s going to blow up and then I’m going to hear about it.

The timing for this is all bad as well. I’d been talking to the person I met her through recently as he lives nearby, and was really excited about possibly seeing them again. He’s moving back to Alaska next month. I made a promise to myself that I was going to stick to within the state long distances tops ha.  So there goes that.

For me, those long distances just don’t work… not to that extreme. Cross country? Um, how the hell do people do that? I thought that was the stuff that only works out in fairytales and movies.

And honestly, I really don’t want to be the matchmaker. Call me selfish but if I get to kiss frogs awhile and all that.. I mean, I have a blast dating frequently. I enjoy committed relationships as well. I don’t need them, but they’re enjoyable.

Am I jealous that she’s possibly found Prince Charming at 21 versus me being a “puma” and having firecracker romances but no “afters?”  It’s too soon to tell.  The main thing that bothers me is that I feel I’m losing my best friend… and what’s worse, is that it’s to another one of my friends and my own damn fault.

What I’m getting at is this: Why do women blow off their friends the moment that a guy comes in the picture? It annoys the piss out of me. Am I just getting old?

I think I have a little bit of a reason to vent here. If you’re with someone, fine. Just don’t go making promises to people and have them thinking you’re all going to do x thing, and then blow them off for a cock or a vagina.

Be real.  Be honest.  I don’t expect to have your attention every waking hour.  But phone calls that happened daily turned into happening once a week… to twice a month.. to.. catch her on x social network because she may reply faster there.

What I’m saying is, I want the cake, but found out it was a lie. My foot tastes like chicken.