Ah office politics

I work in a male dominated industry which has its perks and its drawbacks.. today the latter becomes more and more evident.

My evening last night wasn’t horrible, but wasn’t outstanding either. I pulled a favor for someone a few months ago, only to get politely snubbed with a smile on her face. I knew I never should have done said favor for said person and now it’s biting me in the ass. But horray for so called “friends” right?

Ah, LA. Sometimes I miss home… but not for the reasons you’d think. And then I remember that my family lives there… and that notion goes right back out the window just as quickly as it came.

Enter the cute guy from work. Day 1- he starts messaging me and we start talking. He tells me that I’m beautiful. I blush and don’t think anything of it. In reality, I dismiss the notion automatically. While yes, he’s cute, I had initial doubts on the whole situation.. office politics.. being interested in someone at work… it’s a touchy subject even if there never is any touching.

The week progresses and the flirting becomes less subtle. It’s a mutual attraction and all seems fine. Perhaps this is when my coworkers started to notice. Perhaps not.

Long story short, it didn’t work out. I blogged about the reason why.. but we still continue to talk and occasionally flirt. Nothing said has been uncomfortable but it makes me wonder after the conversation I had with my boss. (Yes I was pulled aside about it)

This conversation led to another conversation with exchanges of what was being said in the company pool about each other by others. Specifically other people that I do not know.
“Nasty” and “Freak” and not in a good way.

Truth be told.. I could deal with people saying quite a bit about me.. “slut,” “tease,” and “bitch” are generally the pleasantries I hear commonly. I brush them off and laugh. And really the only word that was said that bothered me was “Nasty.” I look in the mirror and don’t see that. I look inwardly and don’t feel that. How my existence is laughable to guys I barely know is beyond me. I don’t exactly work in a GQ industry either. No one here is model worthy.. not me or anyone else.

So seriously.. w..t…f.

And then I see the news about Prop 8.. we have grown as a country but we as a people never grow up from childish behavior. Judging other people for garbage reasons. Awesome. Thank you for reminding me why I am frequently a cynic.

Ah yes, no more talking to anyone at work.. about most anything as of right now. Woo! Is it beer thirty yet? Please?