Dear cell provider, ty for hindering my sex life

I am about to call Tmobile to tell them that for some reason the MMS messages I’ve sent over the past week have not gone through.  Very important ones.  Ahem.

My initial reaction was to accuse said person’s cell phone network for the issue.  “Can you hear me now?”  Hear this Verizon… what the fuck is up with my man not getting his deserved nudies?

I recruited a trusted friend to try and help me out… to forward the picture to him if it went through.

Status?  Lost in cyberspace of course.

Recovering from my 3 days up nearly nonstop at Tc50, damn me if I wanted a little naughty time.  He had to work yesterday.  I persuaded him to take a late “nooner” and get over here.  He’s still working now.  Ah the joys of having a Hollywood non 9-5, 9-5 right?

Damned messages not going through.  Though I honestly doubt that it would hinder my bedroom antics… I have readily accessible cock via other means and I haven’t even looked on Craigslist.

I’d just like to take this moment though to rant about my “wonderful” service that’s supposedly the best in California.  Yeah… my ass!  Or actually.. not.  Boo!(

Maybe I really will look at joining the iprom now that I have it sitting there calling my name.  I’m just worried about the minutes.. which heh, if I didn’t have would just hinder my sex life xs 2.

Phone fasting and other miscommunication fun times

When my cell phone broke a week ago I was freaking out. I’m notoriously bad at directions and my cell doubles as my gps.  However given the events of this past month, I’m happy to say that it was actually pretty liberating.

For one, given my family’s general disdain for the internet, it was a great way to dodge them.  A limited number of people had accessibility to me.  I gave the house line out to two people- one person I was going on dates with, and one potential business contact.  My best friend didn’t even have the number.

I was able to focus on what was there in front of me.  Less of an urge to waste time and minutes on the phone.  I could multi task better.  The cell was/is a huge distraction.

Today I went and got it fixed though.  My parking ticket was more than it cost to repair it.  Software corruption and I lost all the data.  It’s a pain considering I can’t find the cord to sync my numbers off my computer, but a good majority of them are in my outlook.  What I didn’t have backed up, I’m taking it as a lesson.  I’ve programmed 4 numbers into my phone now.  It feels awesome not being completely chained.  I don’t think I’m going to tell my family it’s back on.

I got home after not having the best of days and saw the dark horse online.  I wanted to let him know about that and about a potential job lead.  I was also a bit concerned about him.  He’s in my thoughts still even with the other dates I’ve been going on.  It is what it is.

He’s got a good heart and I firmly believe he is a good person.  He has a lot of problems and he’s not perfect.. but heh.  We have some similar bad personality traits.

Parking was just another notch in my “I’m getting sick of Southern California” aggravation.  It’s why I’ve been considering other options as well, and why I would optimally like to get a position that I could do remotely.  That coupled with other things that I have going on which I’m proactively working on..

We got into an arguement about my choice in potential career paths.  It was stupid.  I saw his point, but he seemed to refuse to see mine.  I got upset, and admittedly went a bit emo.  Ok, a lot emo.  I should have just walked away from the computer when it started getting frustrating.  I turned invisible but he kept typing.  I want to believe he thought more of me.  I don’t know right now.

Again, there was a meta response.  I should have just agreed to disagree when I saw the way it was heading.  It was silly on my part.  Both of us walked away from the conversation aggravated.

I sent an email (not to him), and went and ate some chinese with my roommate.  I needed it.  Felt tons better afterwards.  Must have been partially my hypoglycemia.

I played some Miss Pac Man on an old arcade machine before heading back.  Got a phone call from the local boy.

I came home and realized even more so that neither of us were completely wrong- but also that text is something just as horrible of a communication tool as it is a grand one.  Things get blown out of proportion and misunderstood.  I understand that I was being a bit of a vagina about things, but I don’t know if he even sees how he may have been viewed as being a dick.  Neither action- or in this case, reaction was right.

I called and left him a message apologizing for my actions- which in a way, may come off as validating my actions as the right one.  It wasn’t meant that way.  Quite the opposite actually.

So dear dark horse, I know that you’re upset with me- and for good cause, and I’m sorry.  I would like to ask you some things.. maybe.. well.. I hope that you haven’t completely written me off yet.  I realize as well that my wording was a bit off.  The way I phrased somethings are likely the reason why you reacted the way you did.. before it got really bad.

You know how to contact me, and I hope you do.

I’m off to do some research.  And here’s a Kodak moment- I’m agreeing with you.  In this case, you’re right.  Score one to you sir.