An ode to Super men

The man of steel celebrates a birthday today, and I must say he doesn’t look too shabby for a senior citizen.  Do you remember that issue?

I was a bit shocked to hear that my grandfather didn’t either.  But given that he was only 2 when it made its first debut, I think he can have a pass.

Comic books weren’t entirely foreign then, but I don’t think anyone knew just how popular they would become when this issue graced the stands that fateful day- June 1st, 1938.

Some of you may remember seeing this cover recently.  In Febuary the book was auctioned off online in a sale that gained the eyes of not only comic collectors, but the press and the world of entertainment alike.

Action Comics #1 is the world’s most valuable comic book, and it almost never happened. The creation American writer Jerry Siegel and Canadian artist Joe Shuster, the story was rejected numerous times before it was finally published in June 1938.

It’s phenomenal how the comic culture has boomed since then.  Superman is still going strong despite passing over to the dark side back in 1992.  This was the story arch that I really remembered most, as it hit shelves at the real start in my rise to diving into the comic book world.

In honor of the series, and a spin to the day, I want to take the time and tribute this piece to the Super Men that have been in my life.

What makes a Super man?

  • A super man shows his superiority with their genuine care for humanity and for a person’s self worth.

Men are supposed to be strong individuals.  They are the ones that will build you up inwardly through encouragement, constructive criticism and devotion.  There does not have to be a romantic connection- I’ve gotten this from a number of super men in my life that I haven’t dated.

These are the men that take time to help give back to their communities in any way they possibly can- whether something small by donating items to goodwill to helping with a food kitchen to participation in charity events and fundraisers.

Real men wear capes

Real men wear capes

  • Super men realize when something is important to you, and go out of their way to help you.

They drive to a different city 2 hrs out of the way to get you to bring you somewhere 30 minutes from you.  They loan you cars when you need something to find a job.  They keep an ear to the ground for leads and pass along work when they know someone needs it more.  They listen when you have to vent.

They help you figure out the solutions.  They empower you to reach further into yourself.  While a good guy will help you write that letter, the super man will help you write it yourself.

  • Super men are passionate about their dreams and ambitions.

No matter how old they are, they never lose sight of the things that mean the world to them.  From stories like my grandfather’s love for flying his airplane despite crashing it and nearly dying, to pursuing that writing career in an industry that they’ve put so much time into but gotten little in return.

a day, a love, Ill never forget

a day, a love, I'll never forget

  • Super men are there for their families and friends.

They bring smiles to kids.  They have a never grow up mentality, but the maturity to manage high end jobs with ease.  They realize how important it is to have fun and be responsible at the same time.  They know how much little things like making sure you have birthday presents for your sons when you couldn’t otherwise afford it mean to everyone.

They’re there for you through the thick and thin.  They’re there when the bad things happen.  They’re there for you in the good.

They’re the ones that will be there for you, without question, at a moments notice when you call to tell them your car broke down in the rain, or that you ran out of gas on the way to a party. They’re the ones who push the envelope to do everything they can to support an entire household of friends to make ends meet because they know they have no where else to go.

  • Super men make you smile buy merely existing.

They light up the room with their charisma.  They’re so brilliant in aura you tend to think its a mirage.  They are often the heart breakers.  They’re the ones you really need to watch out for.

Super men exist both in fairy tales and reality.   They’re not as uncommon as you’d think if you know where to look.  Every man is capable of being one.  Not all men are born to do this job.  It’s not an easy one.

Here’s an ode to all the super men I have in my my life.  You have no idea how much I’m thankful for you.


Ah men.. capabile of such grand things as the invention of the wheel, and yet some still have the intelligence level of an ameba.  Welcome back to the lessons we learned in middle school ladies.. if you want him, simply let him go.

Openly being masochistic, I decided to pursue this particular douchebag.  He’d told me I was beautiful one minute, and the next I knew he’s blowing me off.  After the last bit of talking down to- his version was that he’s “blunt take it or leave it,” I’d had enough.  The pros of his conversations when he didn’t have his head up his ass did not outweigh the other words he said under “honesty.”

Don’t you love that?  People saying something rude and then trying for a get-out-of-jail-free card with the whole “I’m just honest” bit?  Yes, well I honestly think you need to grow the fuck up.

He’s right, I didn’t need that.  So, despite my day being a bit longer than usual.. I ignored him.  I said nothing rude to him.  If anything, I’d just smile at him.  I figured that if he really wanted to talk to me, that he’d approach me.

Ladies, this seems to be particularly effective with many alpha males- if for nothing else, showing that jerk that he’s not going to hold that power over you.

What will happen is one of three things.  He will either:

  1. Get frustrated that you are blowing him off and eventually back off.
  2. Get frustrated that you are blowing him off and then decide he wants you- but will talk about you behind your back because he can’t have you.
  3. See that you now have gained a power position,  apologize and/or stop being a dick. Resume chasing you again.

Weather he blows you off or not, once he knows he can’t get to you.. you can regain your sanity, and chose to either walk away or walk all over him.

I was told that this guy was going nuts because I hadn’t talked to him all day.  Ah.. and today is payday too.  Tomorrow there is some shopping in order for perfume and some thrifting for some new outfits.  Survival of the fittest ladies.  Go get em.