The List Blogs: “When I Grow Up”

Ever go back and remember all those careers you wanted as you were a kid? How many people actually made them happen? How many didn’t pan out what you’d thought?

As high school reunions approach, and honor of Memorial Week, here’s a few of the jobs I aspired to achieve. Some of which, still haven’t been discarded as not going to happen.

Marine biologist. Oceanographer.
I have always loved the water. Growing up, I remember trips to the zoo and the aquarium. These things have always made me smile. One of the things I want to do in my lifetime is to swim with dolphins.

Mortician. Coroner. Makeup artist to the recently deceased.
Blame being raised on Tales from the Crypt, the Munsters, and the Adams Family. My father’s favorite holiday is Halloween. So is mine. (This is among the jobs I’m considering looking into getting trained for currently actually… a truly recession proof business.)

Video game designer. Concept artist. PR for a video game company.
My first memories are of video games. I want to be part of the team that makes memorable games that people talk about for years to come. These days I’m still full of ideas for potential games, but am without the ability to make them in the manner that I’d like. (Any game publishers that are looking for unique projects please contact me, I have a few ideas I’d love to pitch.)

Costume designer. Fashion designer. Stylist. Pattern maker. Buyer. Seamstress.
I used to deconstruct and reconstruct my own clothes. Time restraints and moves have taken a toll on my time to devote to my sewing. That, and the 1960s vintage sewing machine I had, my now ex husband trashed because he’s a moron and thought it was just junk.

Writer. Novelist. Screenwriter.
I am currently writing 2 children’s books, an autobiography series, and am branching out to screenplays. It’s definitely not an easy business. I want to do it right. God knows there’s enough crap on television as it is without adding to the garbage.

Reporter. Journalist. On camera personality. Radio personality.
I want to travel and be among the gainfully employed devotees of entertainment media: music, movies, video games, art, and relationships.

Comedian. Actor.
I grew up on the stage. It’s the original reason I moved to California. However when I got pregnant with my first son I let go of that dream. I oftentimes wonder what it would have been like had I pursued my acting career. I currently do not accept applications to date actors as the ones I have dated previously have been… well rather dramatic off the stage and not in a good way. (I’d love to be proven wrong. I know some awesome people that are actors, just… yeah.)

I was in a couple of bands post and during high school (no not the marching band though and I never violated a flute). I rarely sing in public anymore. I’m not afraid to. It’s a bit odd that I really don’t. And while there has been discussion for me to sing in several alternative collaborations, none have since panned out. If you or anyone is looking for a singer for your project, please contact me. My vocal stylings are ranged.

Obituary writer. Funeral card bios.
I’ve always wondered how people got into this field of work. Summations of people’s lives and the people important to them… in a few short paragraphs.

Video editor. Graphic Designer. Crew for a theatre production. Set construction for a movie.
Old movies fascinate me. I want so much to learn how to craft an artful piece of cinematography. From the digital pieces to the hammer and nails building of sets.

Interior decorator. Set designer.
I love mixing patterns and working with the desires of a client to capture their personality and project in an aesthetically pleasing demeanor. From minimalist to traditional. Shapes, colors, swatches, and Feng Shui… divine.

High end fashion photographer. Architectural photographer. Surf/skateboard/snowboard/ bmx photographer.
Travel the world an take pictures of awesome, gorgeous things and people.

Forensics: photography and computers.
The study of decay. Of the mind and of the body.

Floral designer. Botanist.
Flowers and plants are something magical. Pretty difficult to screw up making that look nice. And people are rarely sad to get flowers… even if it’s a funeral.

Museum curator. Gallery owner. Curator at the Smithsonian.
Arts, ruins, artifacts. Holding the treasures of oddities and art. The stories untold by objects. The pieces that you marvel at and that resonate in your mind after.

And I think that’s enough.. for now.

The List Blogs: 10 things that make me happy (as written on a card sent to the UK)

Miss Hannah Wingfield of Dundee Scotland asked for postcards with 10 things that make me happy written on them. Since I’ve recently started a series on List Blogs, (not to diminutize you Miss Hannah) I thought it would be fitting to share it with you as well.

!0 things that make me happy are (in no particular order):

  • The ocean
  • stumbling across treasures all around: music, art, fashion, words
  • the sound of the rain (even when its beating down on me as my truck breaks down for the x-teenth time)
  • the full sensory experience: of HOME found in an old darkroom
  • the smell of fresh cut grass, wood, and the smell of gasoline
  • the rush you get when meeting someone new. of learning something new. or the bonus round: learning something new about someone new that you meet.
  • color all around
  • my smiling childrens’ faces & the sound of their laughter too. (Ethan-6, Maddox-4, Sakura-2)
  • postcards & handwritten letters in the mail
  • Life. as generic as it may sound, the feeling of being alive. It’s the most wonderful feeling in this world.