Letters to ~L. :Undone


You texted me asking me what is one thing that I would undo if I could.  I never answered.

Here it is:

  • I wouldn’t have texted you those few times after that initial date.
  • I would have waited.

I would have been more patient.

I should have been more patient.

But now I know better now sir.

I’m making up for it.

I’m doing my penance.

I’m going to make it right.

Because some people want a second chance, I just want a first.

When we’re ready.

If we’re ready.

If at all.

Scratch that.

I guess I wouldn’t really undo it.

Thank you for inspiring me to make the greatest journey I’ve ever gone on.

Where the path leads us?

  • Separate
  • or together
  • or separate and then together
  • or separate and then still separate…

I guess it really doesn’t does matter.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you sir one letter consonant.