* my truck breaking down
* the DAY it decides to pour rain here after a gorgeous day yesterday
* my wonderful Vday “date” going wrong for reasons unknown
* in said truck
* on the way to work
* & being late for work today
* because of it [the truck not the boy stuff]
* and a million other things I can’t/won’t say right now…

The whole time I haven’t been able to do anything but smile and wish for 2 things:

I wish I

* had bought a pair of gloshes last week like I’d been thinking about for at least 2, for fashion & well because I’m just weird like that.
* & how much I couldn’t wait to get home
* to ride my bike
* and dance some more in the rain.

…To be continued…

Chase me.

It’s that time of the year. The season of trips and comings and goings. It’s a nonstop fest of go go go. But if by chance your dance card isn’t completly full this year, and you want to catch up with me.. here’s just a few things coming up on my schedule:

Wed-December 10th 7-10pm:

Microsoft Startup Zone, in partnership with Stephanie Agresta and Brian Solis of The TechSet, is hosting this event bringing together the tech innovators in Southern California to celebrate the launch of BizSpark, a new program for those who contribute to a dynamic ecosystem that helps startups flourish. Join us at Beso in Hollywood for free hors d’oeuvres and drinks, and have the chance to network with some of the most influential technologists around. Some of the hottest startups in town will be around to showcase their products. Also, all attendees can participate in a “twitter raffle” to win an XBox 360 Elite.

Pending attendees can sign up here on the Eventbrite invitation. And if you can’t make it to this one, there will be one coming up in San Francisco. So don’t worry bay area innovators- there’s more than enough coming your way too, even if it doesn’t mean a spot on Lalawag this round.

I’m pretty sure that I will be fashionably late to this event as it’s the day to get my crack, erm comic book fix. But don’t worry, I shall indeed be there unless I run over my cat again.

December 11th 5-11pm:

On Thursday, December 11th from 5:00pm to 10:00pm, the Digital Family Reunion (DFR) is bringing the Southern California technology and business communities together for the holidays at the Skirball Cultural Center. In association with some of the region’s top trade associations and social networking groups, the DFR is throwing the holiday party of the millennium… so far! The DFR will reignite old relationships, spark new ones, and set the stage to kick off 2009 with a bright new start.

Inviting early adopters and legacy participants of the Internet 1.0 and today’s digitally apt Internet 2.0 tube dwellers, the DFR will create the optimum conditions for these generations to synergize with one another and inspire opportunities that will serve our industries, our region, and our society at large. Attendees will include leaders from all the major industry sectors such as media, entertainment, finance, publishing, venture funding, software, commerce, education, and many more.

This event is hosted by personal friends of mine. The crew from Digital LA has a track record of throwing some of the best parties in LA. They’re a classy but balls to the wall crowd. You will most definately be missing out if you don’t attend this one. You can find out more about the event and get tickets here as they’re bound to be selling out fast.

December 15th 7-11pm:

Get ready for our Digital LA Holiday Party! It’s time to digitally deck the halls of the appropriately-colored Green Door club in Hollywood. And chill with your digital friends for the holidays! Relax with drinks in the French-inspired Victorian lounge. Dance to our special holiday DJ mix. Don’t forget to ask for our Holiday Digital Drink special.

This event goes on once a month and I’m a regular attendee. So if I happen to miss you at this one, there are more opportunities to catch me at his events. So come on out, buy me a drink and meet some buisness contacts in the process. Sign up here and hope to see you there.

December 17th 7-10pm:

The holiday season has arrived! Since gamers know the importance of having a good time and staying young at heart is an important part of life. No child should ever be denied that right. Gaming communities, companies and players alike have decided to come together in the spirit of the season to give back to the little ones.

On December 17th, Gamers United is bringing together some the elite to host a toy-drive social for the Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots program. To be a part of this special party you must do two things. One, RSVP. Two, bring a new, unopened toy to gain entry to the soiree. Simple.

With the combined forces of the ECA, Gamer Vixens, Mimoco, Gaming Angels, Pwned and more, the children will not be disappointed.

There’s something about giving that makes feel all warm and fuzzy.  So what better way then to celebrate the holidays then giving back to our community?  If that wasn’t a good enough reason to attend, add to it those intelligent, awesome, and gorgeous women of the LA gaming scene.  Did you miss meeting someone at the Girls in Tech event last week? Here’s another opportunity to do so and help some less fortunate kids have a Christmas too.  So take some time aside, and RSVP here to come on out to this event.

and last but not least perhaps you can make a double header for this night…

December 18:

choice a)

Only a fool would miss The Mother of All Karaoke Christmas parties as we’re taking over On the Rox at The Roxy theatre, closing it to the public and LIVEStreaming the whole damn party! If you want to be “Internet Famous” here’s your chance.

The NY Tech/Media people think they can out party AND out sing LA, so we’re going to throw the biggest most ridiculous Karaoke Christmas party ever and LiveStream the show to the NY tweeps and all over the Web.

LA Tech, Entertainment, and Media come out and represent. Even if you don’t sing, come for the party.

Now this event is sure to be a blast- as my friend Francisco Dao will be dressing up in an Elvis costume.  It’s also being sponsored by Techzulu. Hopefully a few of the NY brat pack will come on out and see how exactly the tech crowd out  here gets things done.

choice b)

Mindshare is a monthly event which was created to serve as a platform for networking and the sharing of ideas across a wide range of fields.

The evening consists of presentations, food, drink, art and music, within the ambiance of a stunning loft outside of downtown LA. Founded in 2006 by alum of Art Center, RISD, Caltech, Claremont and Stanford, Mindshare works to foster a sense of community within this vast city.

Now, sadly I haven’t gone to one of these yet.  I really shouldn’t be saying that out loud or I’m likely to be flogged with a stick of string cheese or something.  However,  every single person that I know that has gone has had nothing but great things to say about it.  A friend of mine even met the guy she’s been seeing there.
It makes the 18th a very tough call.. and I may have to hit both of them.  Either way, you’re night is sure to be one to remember.  Rsvp here for karaoke and here for Mindshare.
I hope I see everyone at some of the events!  Back to the 9-5 now though.

in the name of entertainment!

Dear inconsiderate and shallow people of the greater Los Angeles area,

I understand that the fire might not be near you or your friends.

I understand that you don’t care to hear about it constantly on your favorite networks because you’d rather watch your coveted soaps.

I sincerely thank you for giving back to the economy with that new HDTV to better your television consumption.  It’s a good cause and it makes for solid jobs for my friends.

It breaks my heart because your programming is interrupted by the news coverage.

It breaks my heart that my boyfriend and the many other people who work within the entertainment sector to produce your beloved shows are coughing through the smoke and forced to work extra hours to try and get the shots they need because of the fires.

But you’re right, scrolling text should be sufficient for the news.  Like when your neighborhood catches fire and you need to evacuate.  Maybe you’ll get lucky and catch it as scrolls past your screen.  Or maybe you’ll be too busy in the other room getting popcorn.

So thank you for your complaints about the fires.  Thank you for belittling that person who just lost their home due to a natural disaster.  Really, it shows a lot about you.


just a girl who cares about her fellow neighbor, but also loves entertainment

Campaigning for…

Hi, my name is Jena, and I fall for the seemingly average joe.  To a bit of a socialite, this is a bit shocking, even to me.  Now its a granted that I date quite a bit.  I’ve kissed countless frogs but I could count on one hand how many princes I have.  The ones that were?  All prince charmings masquerading as your ordinary average to above average joes.

Ah the rules of attraction, amplified to anyone with desire to be in the public space at all.  People notice where you place yourself.  They ostracize you for whomever you put on your arm.  In today’s social media and entertainment scenes, the power in womanhood is to be single or at least appear that way.

I’m just a small time girl.  I’d like to think that my adventures entertain and get some buzz.  I do get asked quite a bit for stories about love, sex, the etcetera about dating.  It’s a bit intriquing.  However I have never brought a guest to a social function until recently.   As public as I am about who I’m seeing, I am also guarded due to a recent digital divorce (to be blogged about later).

Perhaps its a bit pompous saying, but do you really want a face with these stories?  Does the shallow exterior mean more than the stories themselves?  I don’t think it should.  I’ve gone on some truly amazing dates.

My roommate and I were having a conversation a few nights ago about my ideal man post and his observations of my dating habits since I moved in.  He said that while he can understand why I’m attracted to all of them, they’re all different types and he can’t quite pinpoint my taste.  I don’t have a set “type” as it morphs from the superficially inclined to well…

The grip is my main squeeze.  I see him on a near daily basis, even if its just for a few minutes before he has to go to work.  My day feels more complete when he’s a part of it.  I’ve found myself asking him to come home on numerous occassions.  Yesterday he referred to here as home.  (Don’t freak out Steve.)

Steve told me that all my initial microscopic desires of that oh so perfect guy are null and void when it comes to the grip.  What is it about him that gets past those filters when others have tried and failed miserably?

Every woman wants that super attractive, well to do man.  It’s the survival of the fittest mentality, and the Hollywood “reality.”  And while I’ve dated my share of GQ men, I’ve just not been all too impressed.  The good looks, the money, any and all of it.. has little appeal to me.  I desire the full package.  Mr GQ hasn’t shown me that yet.

In fact every single time that I’ve dated someone for shallow reasons beyond looks, I didn’t even realize they were at that mark otherwise.  I once dated a guy who’s father owned the penthouse one of the most prominent buildings in the San Diego skyline.  I honestly did not know until after we parted ways, when it was mentioned by someone we knew mutually.

Now that in itself seems to paint a picture of me thats a bit of a braggert.  Again, I could care less about any of that.  Give me a man who has a job, doesn’t live with mom, doesn’t drugs, and is passionate.. could be the most broke artist possible, I’d be happy as a clam-provided he treats me right of course.

I sat and looked back at some of the older pictures of the grip.  I think about how much I could have missed out on had I not given him a chance initially.  Who we are in the past does not define us.  It’s a part of us, but not the whole picture.

Ladies, I highly encourage you to take a step back and give that average joe a chance.  I’m amazingly happy that I did.

I have found that the average joe more likely will appreciate you more.  Their egos don’t get in the way of real intimacy.  They are more compassionate, genuine and loving.  They don’t let the smoke and mirrors image bother them.  They’re real.

They say that the ones you have to look out for the most are the ones you’d least expect.  It’s true.  Every last bit of it.

My name is Jennifer Stavros and I approve of this message.

In celebration

Of my new job back in the video game industry…
and a drama free boy who will hold me down but not hold me back.
dun dun dun.
A couple of friends of mine decided to go out to this little bar in Burbank that hosts a teeny little function every Tuesday night the laymen calls… Pornstar Karaoke.
Yes, seriously.
On this grand night once a week, people come from near and far (some random guy that hit on me was from France) to watch some Pornstars sing karaoke… and maybe get an autograph or 3.
The crowd varies from industry “talent”, college frat boy types, fanboys, milfs, army men, and milf hunters.
Now, living in LA, celebs and pornstars aren’t really that big of a deal to me.  Hell, I’m waiting for the thing that will indeed actually phase me about this town.  I think at this point I’ve become immune to most anything that’s “out of the ordinary” already.
Midgets?  Trannies?  Grannies dressed like hipsters?
Between my rather ecentric boy and my awesometacular array of friends… I do alright for being fresh as Doug E to the LA scene.
However, last night…
I was running late to meet a couple of guy friends out at Sardy’s.  I arrived right as one got there.  There was a line outside.  This was only my second trip.  Every night I’ve gone though, has been an experience.  This was no exception.
There was a line outside for reasons unknown.  My friend (who prefers to remain off the radar a bit) has gone quite a few times
“There’s never been a line like this.  I have no idea what the fuck that’s about…”
The bar was to full capacity and the bouncers were worried about the fire code.  It took a few minutes but we got in.  Pornstars to your left, pornstars to your right.  Ah Sardo’s.  Gotta love it.
Last time we were there, I wore that corset top I had on at the last San Diego tweetup.  I was asked if I was talent and hit on by random losers who could barely make out a cohesive sentence let alone were even worthy of making out with.
We couldn’t get a table and didn’t want to stand on the sidelines.  We bee lined to the bar and found my other friend.  He’d been there about twenty minutes already.  I said 11-ish.. which really meant about 1130 safely.  For me, it took 20 to get there anyway.  Another LA acquired mentality- it’s 20 minutes to get anywhere.  I timed myself this time.  Twenty minutes exactly.
You could barely move in there.  It was a pain just getting to the bar, let alone finding a place to sit.  Finally we found a spot with a military birthday man in from Carolina and two lovely ladies.
We figured out why it was so busy.  AVN was filming something.  And, there was a legendary appearance by none other than.. you guessed it, Ron Jeremy.
A few pictures from last night’s debauchery have been added to my “Been Drinkin” set on Flickr.
I tweeted about it this morning, and a few lovely ladies want to come out next time we go.  I say, the more the merrier.  Want to go with?  Comment here or dm me on twitter.  I’d say don’t bother responding if you’re creepy, but hell.. you might just blend in there.

On dry land with miss Ariel

Cut to a view of Santa Monica Pier.

The lights and the ocean are only partially able to consume me. For once, it’s not about them. I mean, it is but not entirely.

Flashback a few hours prior. Solid rough plans in the works. The whole night belongs to her. I made a silent promise.

She calls me her kitten.

She told me how she had been at the beach the other day. She’s always at the beach. She hadn’t been yet, but she’d missed the ocean. That’s where she wants to be. And I resist not.

She talked of little things. Women appreciate subtleties so often neglected in the mix. A girl had held her hand. It made her glowy. Big things didn’t phase her. She’s taken care of in that way. But the heart is a different matter.

I take note of little details. My brain consumed all of her words. Analytically processed with a touch of emotion.

I cleaned a good portion of the day. I hadn’t spent much time with my roommate. This had been such a busy but epic week.

I wanted to make sure he didn’t feel neglected. I wanted to take some time for him. Even if it was just the bit of time at lunch before disappearing as I usually do.

He met a girl. He was taking things slow. He’s been gone quite a bit as well.

“Hey I miss you. I wanted to tell you, that Just in case you weren’t told this week.. you’re awesome. I’m glad things are starting to work out for you.”

My roommate is essentially a domestic partner for me, minus any of the “benefits.” But that’s for another blog.

We made the best of our interlude. Sushi couldn’t have been any better than how it was that day. We went to Gamestop and picked up a few new games. I dry humped a Silent Hill poster. I clicked pictures of a few dvd’s to add to my *wishlist. More to come on that one later.

But I told her I would see her that night, and I was. I do my absolute best to be that way to people.

She calls me kitten.

I made a point to wear my ears yesterday. My parasol. Little things that I knew would make her smile. Little things that make me smile.

I packed a “magic bag” as my son would say. A purse full of little things for smile manufacturing. A towel for the beach. A set of glasses. Gum. Shades.

“I wear sunglasses at night because I’m a rockstar like that. When I put them on, I’m undercover. You can’t see me. Watch..”

I got lost heading to the pier. Just looking for parking. The pier was full. I had to circle looking for one with a halfway decent price that wasn’t a mile away.

“I’m sorry I’m running late.”


“Damnit I missed a turn. I’m going to have to go around again.”


“It’s a good thing I got you those flowers then. Or else you’d likely kill me…”

“.. Wait what?”

Yep. I got her flowers. Purple little gladiolas I think. I’m not sure exactly. I just saw them and had to.

The night was refreshing. Talking. Smiling. All those things that I appreciate someone doing, I did for her.

She is a bit broken, but who isn’t. Someone really hurt her and you can tell that. I feel bad saying that here. I’m in no business talking. I didn’t care. I mean, I did but her problems and past aren’t all of her. I’m sure it’s not even that bad. People are their own worst critics.

She has a beautiful heart. I wanted to make sure that she remembered that.

I told her about Candice. A lover of mine from long ago. Candice had… she’s a big part of the reason I’m so nervous with women.

We talked some more.

There’s a piece of the pier where you can see the ferris wheel. The lights on the water. It’s touristy, but in a beautiful way.

We both snapped our cameras away. A frenzy of clicks and shutters. I know that I’ll be returning to the sea again. Another reason is added to the list.

Last night was one of those nights you see in a movie. It was a little disastrous. It was whimsical and sappy. It was..

Thank you dear mermaid girl. Anytime you need to return to the sea…

Cheating/ Mission complete

This is just a small blog to say… Horray!  I met the goal.  NaBloPoMo for the month of August.  And man what a ride it was.

I don’t think that I could have picked a better month to do it either.  The move to LA has been a rollarcoaster of adventure, heartache, passion, debauchery, and of course… lots and lots of business.

Who knew so much could be jam packed into 1 months time?  It really makes you take a step back and think.

I am making more commitments to myself on a daily basis.  Yes, that’s me trying out that other c word.  It’s a biggun.

I am finding that I am becoming more and more dedicated and focused as time goes by.  I am learning where exactly it is where I want to be, where my heart is, where I am headed, what I will or will not put up with.. etcetera etcetera blah blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda.



I never really hate anything.  I honestly believe that that word should be abolished.

On that tangent, I also believe that the word love is overused too.

The things and people that I can say I genuinely love, I can count on one hand.  The fact that it’s more than 1 finger leads me to believe I am incredibly blessed, in as blessed as a non religious person can be.

Life is an adventure.  I am learning so much everyday.  I want to learn more.  I crave it.  It will happen.

NaBloPoMo was more than just a month of consistent blogging to me.  It was a dedication and personal commitment to myself.  I was successful. I am successful.  I have the potential to be even more successful in all areas of my life if I only work hard for it.

Is it bad to be your own number 1 fan?  Hell someone has to be right?  Scratch that.  I’m my number -4 fan.  For some reason I’m blessed by 3 beautiful children who rank higher than I could ever imagine…