Premptive possible correction

Ladies and gentleman of the jury, when someone asks you-

“Am I sharing you with anyone?”

would you interpret that as the person doesn’t want to share you?  See also

“So did you behave while you were gone?”

“Behave” and “Sharing” to me, means implied obligation to behave or otherwise not wander.  To me, those queries indicate a few possible factors:

  • You are involved enough with said person in which you want exclusive rights to said person’s emotional or sexual persona.  It was recently argued that it is a carnal instinct to be monogamous.
  • It’s a test of the relationship.
  1. if the person says they are fine with sharing, they may not be available: emotionally or physically to have a monogamous relationship
  2. if the person says they are not fine with it, they are declaring themselves possessive.
  • It’s a test of your commitment level.  If you care about me/this relationship, you will have no problem with doing this.
  • It’s a test of your trust level.  How prone are you to stray?  Will they be honest with wanting to have multiple lovers, or if “cheating” is possible, will they hide it?
  • It’s to find out how secure and confident you are.  Do you get jealous at the thought of your partner being with others or can you handle them going on majorly emotionless dating/sexual escapades?
  • It’s a question if your lover satisfies you sufficiently. This is a death move.  Tread carefully.

So, before I make a correction to how I perceived the situation here… I’m curious if I’m the only one that may have gotten the same idea by some of the wording I received from the grip.

Baby, if I’m wrong here, we’ll work something out as a payment of said point in LA’s favor.  Something dirty of course, so no one really loses.

So jury, what says you?  Implied monogamy?  Or is talk just cheap?

Also, I might add one last factor: while that whole “it’s ok” conversation happened, he also said

“I’d rather this then be cheated on…”

Fate rests in your hands dear readers… give me liberty or give me death?