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This will be the first of a few blogs related in sex and the city postoff.

I’ve been seeing people write about it lately due to the new movie out. I don’t even regularly watch Sex and the City. But when I moved in and I was stuck without the internet, I did watch some of it. And the rare instances that I do watch television, I don’t exactly stop it when the DVR pops on to record it.

I was reading a blog from the wonderful Slackmistress, when I saw the following comment about the show:

Regarding SATC, I love it. It may be my favorite show ever. But I do agree with you on some points. Mainly because I HATE CARRIE. Hate her. But I loved Charlotte and Miranda and their storylines.

Now, like I said, I’m not a die hard fan of the series, but I do rather enjoy it. And out of all the characters in it, I do think that Carrie is the most like me.. well with a bunch of Samantha.

For the most part, while the stories of the other women were interesting to an extend.. it was obvious since that show’s birth that they were essentially filler characters. Their stories were not very interesting… they were essentially over hyped stereotypical viewpoints of what a “modern” woman is or should be. And sadly, the reason a lot of women can relate to them, is because that’s how shallow it’s become. Dating is a farce. Sex is taken for granted. I say this, and yet I talk about sportfucking… as I said, I know there’s a bit of Samantha in me.

Granted, I hate Carrie’s sense of style.. some of her outfit choices are absolutely hideous, which perhaps is why her string of lovers is as poor as it is… or maybe it’s a New York thing. Heh, I’m not sure and I’m not going to label it completely as that.

I think that part of why most women seem to hate Carrie, is that deep down.. there’s probably some of her in each of us. I think that’s the reason most women can relate to the show, and why its been such a huge success. Yes, you hate that shes nerotic, narsassistic and indecisive. You don’t like the games she plays. You think shes naive and a hopeless romantic. But that really is every woman that I know. She’s the real character.. or maybe she’s what every woman really aspires to be.

Every woman is part Carrie, part lusty and sometimes slutty Samantha, and parts boring, mundane Charlotte and Miranda.

So for you ladies who enjoy the show.. for those of you that hate it… what’s the major draw for you? Which character made that show for you? And, be honest, who do you relate to the most. Because to me, there are very often times where I feel like I’m an alternative version of Carrie Bradshaw…. it’s a love hate thing. Hey, I’m near Hollywood maybe I can make a spin-off? Ya think?)

Ah the circus is finally over

Thankfully.  Not that I didn’t enjoy watching.. I think most people did.  But let’s be frank here… it went on too long.  There’s a degree with which it was not all out cheesy and possibly very much so a PR stunt… then again, it’s all in the name of good entertainment.  I think that the tasks showed just how difficult that spot was to fill.  I feel that Mahalo stayed true to their ultimate purpose and taught as well as entertained.

Congrats to all the people that took the time out and went out for it.. regardless of who won.  I think that the dedication most gave into it was admirable.  I do not think it was the end all be all though.

I saw Andy DeSoto’s blog about the contest, and wanted to write some uncensored commentary prior, but found myself walking on eggshells and hesitated.   But now its on like Donkey Kong.

Let’s put this out there before its said later and used to backlash at me.  Yes, I was going to try out for this.  I got strep throat the weekend of the initial audition so I couldn’t attend.  I think it would have been awesome to have tried out, and while I (like everyone that tried out) would potentially had a good shot at this, I think the best woman/women were chosen.

Enter semi unrelated story- A few days ago, an actor came into work.  My boss and coworkers were gushing about it.  They wanted to know if he was who they thought, but none had the guts to find out.. and didn’t want to intrude.  They know how I am however, and when I said “I’ll figure it out” I really meant it.

Now honestly, it’s not the first celebrity I’ve met.  When you live in CA, it tends to happen on occassion.  I still don’t know who it was.  I didn’t ask his name, nor for an autograph.  I talked to him like he was a normal person.  Because honestly thats all that they are.. normal people with awesome jobs.  But I will say this much… yes, he was attractive and seemed very nice in a non jello way.  You could tell there was something off about him.. a little glitter that you just can’t teach someone.  There was an it factor.

What makes a person marketable comes to mind.  What makes a good celebrity or ceWebrity?  Many of the contestants are good people.  This is not meant as a knock at anyone personally… as I do not know any of them in real life.

But let’s be realistic here… most of the people who went out there were just not marketable… or rather it would have taken a lot more to polish and make some of them marketable as a whole.  Not for what they were trying to get. There was very little as far as complete “it factor” to chose from.  It takes more than just a winning personality to get a position like that.  Some people just do not have it.

I listened to some of the podcast and paid attention to comments made.  I understand there is an aura and way that you are supposed to behave when you don’t get something that you feel you deserve but don’t and don’t want to look like a poor sport about it… but… well some people are really bad at hiding the fact that their skin just may not be tight enough for the entertainment industry.  There are going to be countless times that you will hear no before (if you even get it at all) that you hear that yes.  I think that honestly, Mahalo has been too nice about some of the reasons as to no.. though I don’t believe that any reason at all for it wasn’t necessarry.

Dedication is key to anything that you think is actually a worthwhile investment.  While the 2 girls that were in the later installment didn’t attend, and some said that it was harsh of them to be cut for it, I have to give Mahalo some very big props for telling it like it is.  It’s business, not personal.  You’ll never find that pearl if you don’t go looking in those oysters.  It was the opportunity to shine, and you fucked up.  I could care less what the reason was.  How long could that taping possibly have lasted?  Do what you have to and get your ass there.  There was nothing really required from them besides showing up to that that… no performance or anything of that nature.  So quit your bitching if you don’t like it.

I’d like to see how the people that watched and participated learn from this.  I’m not saying that there are individuals that should give up on their dreams of e-fame… but I’ll be the asshole to say that it’s a joke to think everyone that did is cut out of the job.

That said… /rant off

I lol’d at the viral videos and am looking forward to what’s coming out on the pipeline.  Let’s just go back to normal now?  Memorable experiences and lessons learned later… constantly growing.. not all changes are for the worse.  Who knows what may happen..but that’s half the fun right?)