2 Choices

Dear Hannibal,

Dad always said that I do things the hard way.  And you know what?  He’s right.. to an extent.

I am going to take both choices of advice you gave me… both of which, actually turn into the hard route.  Or maybe it’s not.  Maybe…. just maybe… it’s both.

Thank you sir.

Time and perseverance.

It’s going to be a fight all the way through.  But from me, you may or may not have known I was going to do that.



3 G Energizer

If you can keep pulling this off, I’m going to have to tell my introduce you as “This is my friend Jena.. the Terminator…”

Yeah, I’m so not a morning person. I can’t wait until its the “weekend” again.. I was supposed to go in 30 minutes ago…

“Hey I know you work till 5, but do you think you could come in for a long shift at 10?”

Yeah, sure I said. Because I’m a dumb ass. She said go ahead and come in at 11 if I want to today though.. and that’s what I decided to do.
I haven’t worn makeup in 2 days.. and it’s a bit funny.. I’m getting hit on almost more than I do when I have it on. I was told I look a lot better without it. It’s part of my game of escape though. I know that I don’t really need it.. but feel so boring and mundane looking otherwise. Meh. Minimal stuff works too. I think that’s what I’ll do today.

A couple of guys at my jobs asked me about my San Diego plans coming up.. said that they were jealous. One of them went so far as to saying that he would move to San Diego with me. I told him that

  • a- me going down there was something specifically for me.. I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time
  • b- I have multiple offers to go live with guys in a few areas of the country and essentially never have to work again but that has no appeal to me as it’s not a challenge
  • c-Even if I was serious with someone, the likelihood that I’d move in with them is not there.. just because I like my independance and
  • d-all of this is moot because I’m both
  1. looking for female roommates preferrably and
  2. have a rule that I don’t date people from work, specifically at my level or department

There seems to be a bit of this inquisition going around. People that really have no right getting jealous over me and others that seem to have a problem with me making choices to do things that I’ve been working my ass off to do. I was getting complaints about standing up to dad and holding my ground about the move.. horray now I feel a bit guilty for what? For doing what I want to do.

Summation? Conscious for sale. Get me home, and someone friggin give me a better job already.