But where was Lala?

Last night. Club Hush. The place to be. Were you there?

I commuted 2.5 hours by a bus to be there last night. It’s becoming a common thing for me. But when a friend asks you to attend something because it’s important to them, you do it and figure out the details later.

Techzulu hosted a charity event for MEND in the retro style underground lounge formerly known as Club 86.

About a month ago, when I’d finally had my first chance at finally going to the club, there were some interesting “complications” that prevented me from seeing just how swanky this place is. I’m pleased to announce, all the raves I’ve heard about it were indeed true. I was quite impressed going in. It was an absolutely beautiful venue. It had the perfect amount of open layout and intimacy.

The after party turned VIP. Quiet corners on retro couches. Talking and even more drinks. 2 pizzas. Lots of laughter.

I was one number away from winning the big prize from the raffle. Won a nano case. Damnit now I have to upgrade my ipod. Such a shame.

And, although the event was an all around success… perhaps the voyeur in me gets the best of me. I couldn’t help but notice among some of the faces French Maid TV and the infamous Dr. Tiki of Tiki Bar Tv.

But who was this mystery woman. And where was Lala?

Has a replacement already come along? Or perhaps some harmless… hmm, I’ll leave it to you.

Just makes me wonder…