help, someone spiked my drink.. with bacon

So me & the grip were putzing around online the other night before going to see Choke (which is awesome btw, I’m behind in writing the review) and I’m not sure how exactly this got brought up, but I felt a need to share this with the class… He said that a trip to Vegas may be in order so he could take me to a bar that has this, & claims it to be deliciousness.


bacon infused martinis?!

omg.. and this is *not* a joke?


btw, inc you really want to try this, here’s the recipe:

Bacon Vodka

makes up one pint

Fry up three strips of bacon.
Add cooked bacon to a clean pint sized mason jar. Trim the ends of the bacon if they are too tall to fit in the jar. Or you could go hog wild and just pile in a bunch of fried up bacon scraps. Optional: add crushed black peppercorns.
Fill the jar up with vodka. Cap and place in a dark cupboard for at least three weeks. That’s right- I didn’t refrigerate it.
At the end of the three week resting period, place the bacon vodka in the freezer to solidify the fats. Strain out the fats through a coffee filter to yield a clear filtered pale yellow bacon vodka.

Decant into decorative bottles and enjoy.