things you never want to see in a public restroom

“Do you have to take your camera in the bathroom? Are you going to take pictures? Seriously, you should never take pictures in there…”

Sure, Dan was just joking. I laughed. We all did. And I went to the restroom.

And then I saw this:

restroom 1

Nautical theme gone.. too over the top for me. You could actually see through that little window. Someone was in there before I was.. I could see her face. Suddenly, my urethra had stage fright. I waited it for it to get empty before I went, then had to come back to the table to grab my camera again.

“You assholes jinxed me. I’ll be right back…”

So, yeah.. the last thing I want is to see that ever again. No one is going to watch me wrangling a.. or ___. Fuck a bunch of that.