It may just be stuff but its fun stuff

Convo with a friend as he’s helping me move the last bit of stuff into storage this past weekend:

HE: Um.. why the hell do you have tiki torches? You don’t have a lawn.
ME: because I’m awesome?

5 minutes later…
HE: Um… a china man hat? What are you raiden?
ME: Never can tell.

5 minutes later…
ME: Oh my wings! I was wondering where those were!
HE: Ok I’ve stopped being surprised now. I’ve just come to the conclusion that you are weird.

Sanity is a fun thing to entertain sometimes. And to a degree, I aspire to be very boring. And while this stuff I carry around is just STUFF… I live for the day my kids are sifting through it laughing and smiling about what a fun time I had when I was alive.

2 thoughts on “It may just be stuff but its fun stuff

    • ROTFL hey now I’m an artist not a housekeeper damnit. I’ve gotten better at that actually tyvm.
      And no I didn’t have it when I was in Bako. I found it at a Goodwill in Santa Monica out here for a buck. Still fucking win.

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