Douchebag Alert! Username: the foot connoisseur

“I don’t even care that you wrote it.  I understand how you feel.  But if you have a problem with me, tell me first.  Or tell me after.  But tell me.  Confront me.”

Enter one of the best men I’ve ever encountered.  Also, foot meet mouth yet again.

Every man I’ve become interseted in, and most every relationship I become involved with in general is met with a statement upfront:

My life is very public.  It is also very private.  Once you enter my world, user discretion is advised.

People say that they enjoy honesty.  But honestly, that’s bullshit.  Everyone has opinions.  Even the nicest person can come across as being an asshole.

This week’s douchebag of the week is a cheers to the times where things just get blown out of proportion, taken the wrong way, and we get a taste of our own petty douchebaggery.

So here’s to trying to be a bit more mindful of our actions, lest we all make the list.

[To be continued]

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