Letters: Let’s Get Lost

I belong to a few dating sites across the web which has it’s pros and cons.  The best thing about being a woman on there is the freedom to sift through mass emails and weed through to the ones you may actually want to talk to.

Occasionally, I get some really interesting letters from men interested in me.  Which, I’m going to start posting.

Here’s one from today:

Title: Let’s get Lost.

Body: You. are like a clever little monkey who, before escaping the animal experimentation lab, opens each and every locked cage for each and every creature not wise enough to do it for themselves (even the ones that you know may be a danger to you). You do this not because you are kind (although I’m sure you are) but because you just. want. to see. what happens.

If only I could be the mad scientist that observes you doing this. If by some miracle I could, I would do…nothing. but watch. and smile. and see what happens.

Thanks for such a creative, entertaining profile. It made my day to read it and know that there are still crazy monkeys like you out there.


P.S. I might hold you down…but I would never hold you back ; )

Stay tuned for more as I receive them.

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