Plea bargaining

Dear the beast,

I just got back to work this week and you’ve been a good girl for what a month in a half now?  Thank you for at least telling me what the problem was this time… or so I think, but can you please stay better for a little while longer? Or at least be something teensy that once it’s fixed I don’t have to worry about for a few months?

Pretty pretty please?  I’ll give you a fresh coat of paint and restore you someday soon.  I can’t wait for you to look all shiny and show worthy.  But for now I just need you to run.  Because I wasn’t late for work or a party or something actually important this time thankfully, but who’s to say if this happens again?

*Smiles, twirls hair & bats eyes*

Love you m’kay?


Jennifer Stavros

The backstory:

Another ordinary day.. gone to the wayside.  I was on my way home from work to pick up something:

I saw it posted for free, but just needed a bulb, so I snagged it.  I have a project that I want to organize at some point that I could use it for.  And, well there’s a way to hack this to turn it into a cheap digital projector too.  All in all, a win win situation here.

It wasn’t that far from my place.  Everything seemed pretty normal.  I picked it up and put it in my truck.  I went to start it and… nothing.

I’d had it looked at by a mechanic on Friday.  He didn’t see anything majorly wrong with it.  This came out of nowhere.

The good news is, I have a pretty good idea of what it could be and fixing it would be pretty easy.  I decided that I’m going to start getting a ride from a friend to work for the time being and deal with this after my trip this weekend.

I was calm and thought everything through.  Is it odd that nothing is phasing me? I know that it’ll get taken care of in the end and I’m not worried about it.  For now I have other stuff to take care of.

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