oh bother

I knew within the first 15 minutes that it was a bust.  Few of the faces in the crowd looked familiar.  The men weren’t horrible but they weren’t great either.  City of plastic and not enough eye candy.  However where they lacked to dazzle in that dept, they made up for in conversation… well a couple of them.

It was the exact opposite for the women.  There was no shortage of one night stand material there.  Gorgeous a typical plastic wannabe posh Hollywood types.. the ones that think the labels make up for their lack of having a real defining style or composition in their dress.  The bar wasn’t high when it came to intelligence.  Tech men drooled over them, but the few intelligent women walking around knew better than to associate with the barbies.

The usual suspects were in half attendance.  Most had made their cameos and left already by the time I’d gotten there.  Last night really was more about networking than socializing.

A couple of saviors made staying half worth it.  The venue wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t the group I’d have liked to have seen.

A conversation about comic books in one frame.  Politics and my hometown.  But nothing extremely personal.  It was more small talk and face time.

Conversations about psychotic men, of writers and an assortment of both really horrible and fabulous dates since moving to the metro.

“I don’t think I’ll ever date another writer.. they’re all crazy, at least in my experience.” I said.

“I’m going to keep an eye out for some and then send em your way.  I know you want the blog fodder..”

I did a walk around the room with a friend.

No one.

And then the lights went down low.. and I thought I saw him again.

It couldn’t have been him.  That whole entrance to LA.. pulled aside in a party because he looked strikingly like…

I talked to copy 1 recently.  The “roommate” and him were doing well.  No news as to weather or not he’ll be coming to LA alone, if at all anymore though.

And copy 2?  Another phantom… grand entrance and just as quickly an exit.  But I heard a rumor he may be in town soon.  My ears perk up at the possibility.

It’s been.. months.

But it was neither.  I smiled and said my goodbyes, headed home to the grip who was due to fuck me in.. erm tuck me in and read some comic books.  Just another night in LA I suppose.

Tonight though?  Plans are.. “tenative.”

stay tuned..


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