The “Ryan” effect

Once is chance.  Two is happenstance.  Three?  Four?  Alright, perhaps there’s a pattern here.

Statistics show that if your name happens to be Ryan, there is a higher chance that I will be attracted to you.  It may sound completely ridiculous, but I assure you, it’s true.

On various instances I’ve run into this instance.  The guy I dated when I was at my last gaming job?  His name was Ryan.  The guy I’ve had my eye on at work at yet another gaming job?  Also named Ryan.

As I write this, I’m sitting next to this same guy.  He knows the blog is being drafted and feels a bit flattered by it.

This weekend something strange, yet Ryan related happened with the Grip.

We were talking about how inaccurate public records are, when the topic peered its way in.  Without distinction, I started talking about a Ryan.  He stopped me to interject with a story about how him and a friend of his- also named Ryan found that their birth certificates and social security had the names mixed up.

“Awesome, so your name is officially Ryan then?!  Great.  Now I can fuck both of them without having to worry about messing up the names..”

I don’t know why it’s happened.. but I just thought it was a bit odd.  Hot Ryans of the greater Los Angeles/ San Diego.. please send me your numbers.

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