Ah men.. capabile of such grand things as the invention of the wheel, and yet some still have the intelligence level of an ameba.  Welcome back to the lessons we learned in middle school ladies.. if you want him, simply let him go.

Openly being masochistic, I decided to pursue this particular douchebag.  He’d told me I was beautiful one minute, and the next I knew he’s blowing me off.  After the last bit of talking down to- his version was that he’s “blunt take it or leave it,” I’d had enough.  The pros of his conversations when he didn’t have his head up his ass did not outweigh the other words he said under “honesty.”

Don’t you love that?  People saying something rude and then trying for a get-out-of-jail-free card with the whole “I’m just honest” bit?  Yes, well I honestly think you need to grow the fuck up.

He’s right, I didn’t need that.  So, despite my day being a bit longer than usual.. I ignored him.  I said nothing rude to him.  If anything, I’d just smile at him.  I figured that if he really wanted to talk to me, that he’d approach me.

Ladies, this seems to be particularly effective with many alpha males- if for nothing else, showing that jerk that he’s not going to hold that power over you.

What will happen is one of three things.  He will either:

  1. Get frustrated that you are blowing him off and eventually back off.
  2. Get frustrated that you are blowing him off and then decide he wants you- but will talk about you behind your back because he can’t have you.
  3. See that you now have gained a power position,  apologize and/or stop being a dick. Resume chasing you again.

Weather he blows you off or not, once he knows he can’t get to you.. you can regain your sanity, and chose to either walk away or walk all over him.

I was told that this guy was going nuts because I hadn’t talked to him all day.  Ah.. and today is payday too.  Tomorrow there is some shopping in order for perfume and some thrifting for some new outfits.  Survival of the fittest ladies.  Go get em.

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