MIA highlights

breaking up is “fun” to do.. even multiple times

being called christian/catholic/brainwashed by someone because of a spiritual difference of ideas (by the way I’m none of the above) as if either  of the first 2 were automatically insults

being called a republican for saying I hang out with 2.0 and corporate people

whats wrong with sex in public? and in front of 2 friends?  yeah.. no big deal

being the minority (and white) at an awesome Halloween party with spiked punch

audioblogging Monday-Friday here

getting Red Alert 3 and not Fallout 3… (this needs to be remedied ASAP)

realizing that sometimes it feels like 3rd grade all over again at work

because sometimes you get to research property annexation laws regarding railroads in a different state in order to make the educated decision on your investment because your family who also holds a joint venture in said property isn’t giving you all the information.

Day of the Dead festivities at Hollywood Forever.

Buying multiple costumes but only deciding to wear the one.

Wearing a wig to my first day of work-yes, seriously.

ditching a majority of the “rotation”

the dark horse got the boot from the friend finally.. after he gave her a laptop.  I love karmic retribution sometimes.

getting my nails done for the first time in a couple of months.. BLISSFUL treat.

missing awesome events due to boy drama- FIXED!

A sea of desk toys I wish I could photograph but can’t due to a damn NDA.

meeting a new friend at work, only for him to get let go a week later due to the cutbacks.

foot meet mouth.

i work at the most awesome yet also most frustrating place at times.. (wait isn’t this most everywhere for people?) but yet I can confidently say I love my job 85% of the time.

emails from pretty girls.. and a couple that may actually be worth considering for once…

because sometimes the food might be great but the takeout box might be that much better…

I learned:

The nice thing about having multiple personalities is that it gives you an excuse for having double standards.

everyone has their reasons to validate bad behavior-including racism and religious intolerance- and a majority of the time it’s due to a self esteem leak.  And, with enough pressing, you may fall victim to doing something yourself and not realize it.

Assumptions are just stupid. Some stereotypes may be true for a reason but you have to account for the chance that they might not be in that particular case. Always have an open ear to learn the whole story first.

pretty girls prefer gmail

some of the best nights are when you’re just talking and throwing down spirits in front of a horror movie.

never mix business with family, let alone ones you can’t stand in the first place. I tried against better judgement. I failed as expected.

he may be aggravating at times, but when you weigh the Pros vs the Cons, the Grip treats me as gold as the name Booster G would imply.

never consider dating in your own department/floor.. even if they are one of the hottest people on the floor.

never have serious discussions regarding monogamy with me when I am drunk especially… it won’t be pretty (I know color you surprised huh).

I need to blog M-F and not generally on the weekend because I’m most always crazy busy.

You need to surround yourself by the type of people you want to be more like- ala- surround yourself with successful intelligent and genuine people and avoid the lemmings lest you become one too.  Though in their defense, ignorance is bliss.

the weekend needs to be full of all the sex you were too busy to have when you were working.

my body will wake me up earlier and ill be more refreshed after a night of drinking- felt so good I’d consider being an alcoholic if I didn’t know better/had the funds to do.

the hottest people are generally the ones that a)have the most confidence leaks, b)have a subscription & not just issues… c)if they’re interested in dating me will be proven to be crazy.

I need to hit the gym and get rid of the belly I’ve acquired over the past yeah and a half.. yes I feel like I have a belly, stfu those who know me and think I’m silly.

making up is sometimes dare i say, worth the argument…

And more to come later in the week ^_^

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