Campaigning for…

Hi, my name is Jena, and I fall for the seemingly average joe.  To a bit of a socialite, this is a bit shocking, even to me.  Now its a granted that I date quite a bit.  I’ve kissed countless frogs but I could count on one hand how many princes I have.  The ones that were?  All prince charmings masquerading as your ordinary average to above average joes.

Ah the rules of attraction, amplified to anyone with desire to be in the public space at all.  People notice where you place yourself.  They ostracize you for whomever you put on your arm.  In today’s social media and entertainment scenes, the power in womanhood is to be single or at least appear that way.

I’m just a small time girl.  I’d like to think that my adventures entertain and get some buzz.  I do get asked quite a bit for stories about love, sex, the etcetera about dating.  It’s a bit intriquing.  However I have never brought a guest to a social function until recently.   As public as I am about who I’m seeing, I am also guarded due to a recent digital divorce (to be blogged about later).

Perhaps its a bit pompous saying, but do you really want a face with these stories?  Does the shallow exterior mean more than the stories themselves?  I don’t think it should.  I’ve gone on some truly amazing dates.

My roommate and I were having a conversation a few nights ago about my ideal man post and his observations of my dating habits since I moved in.  He said that while he can understand why I’m attracted to all of them, they’re all different types and he can’t quite pinpoint my taste.  I don’t have a set “type” as it morphs from the superficially inclined to well…

The grip is my main squeeze.  I see him on a near daily basis, even if its just for a few minutes before he has to go to work.  My day feels more complete when he’s a part of it.  I’ve found myself asking him to come home on numerous occassions.  Yesterday he referred to here as home.  (Don’t freak out Steve.)

Steve told me that all my initial microscopic desires of that oh so perfect guy are null and void when it comes to the grip.  What is it about him that gets past those filters when others have tried and failed miserably?

Every woman wants that super attractive, well to do man.  It’s the survival of the fittest mentality, and the Hollywood “reality.”  And while I’ve dated my share of GQ men, I’ve just not been all too impressed.  The good looks, the money, any and all of it.. has little appeal to me.  I desire the full package.  Mr GQ hasn’t shown me that yet.

In fact every single time that I’ve dated someone for shallow reasons beyond looks, I didn’t even realize they were at that mark otherwise.  I once dated a guy who’s father owned the penthouse one of the most prominent buildings in the San Diego skyline.  I honestly did not know until after we parted ways, when it was mentioned by someone we knew mutually.

Now that in itself seems to paint a picture of me thats a bit of a braggert.  Again, I could care less about any of that.  Give me a man who has a job, doesn’t live with mom, doesn’t drugs, and is passionate.. could be the most broke artist possible, I’d be happy as a clam-provided he treats me right of course.

I sat and looked back at some of the older pictures of the grip.  I think about how much I could have missed out on had I not given him a chance initially.  Who we are in the past does not define us.  It’s a part of us, but not the whole picture.

Ladies, I highly encourage you to take a step back and give that average joe a chance.  I’m amazingly happy that I did.

I have found that the average joe more likely will appreciate you more.  Their egos don’t get in the way of real intimacy.  They are more compassionate, genuine and loving.  They don’t let the smoke and mirrors image bother them.  They’re real.

They say that the ones you have to look out for the most are the ones you’d least expect.  It’s true.  Every last bit of it.

My name is Jennifer Stavros and I approve of this message.

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