The doppleganger effect

Ever notice a reoccuring image with lovers?  Perhaps its patterns in their personalities.  Perhaps its patterns in the shapes of their face.

I was showing someone a picture of the grip recently and they told me that he looked very reminicent of one of the water circa 2007.  I look back at the pictures.  I see some similarities but shook it off.

Then I looked at the other pictures… different lovers, but…

The dark hair.  Those defined rich lips.  Long eyelashes. A honey tint to the color of their skin.

I guess in the dark the outlines of their faces seem to echo of that “someone great” once upon a time.

Perhaps I’m dating the same person.  That there are all these modified versions out there and I’m trying to find the right one.  It boggles me a bit.

Does anyone else notice this pattern?

Or am I just fucked in the head?

2 thoughts on “The doppleganger effect

  1. I have the same problem. It is kind of odd. Makes me wonder if it is some sort of predestination mandate that we all signed up for back in the day.

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