Of Rainbows and Lollipops and Chains of Desire

So I’m a bit rough around the edges.. I’m gritty in the soul.  I’m a dreamer… a weaver of fairytales, of magic and woe.

I will take your heart in my hands and make no promises not to break it.  I’ll cradle you close to mine… kiss your eyes goodnight and whisper sing softly lullabies.

Oh sweet goodnights my dear love..

I don’t bet you will be here in the morning.

But cuddle me close in a warm soft small blanket, with only the sound of our heartbeats, and the soft bit of mist from breaths to glaze

Even if it’s just for one night.  Tonight, the fire burns forever.  And only you and I exist.

I want a dream that will last forever.
I want the magic to never stop.
For the musicbox to continue to play on.

My pen dances across the page.  Thoughts of you and I race and a vision of you comes vividly in my mind.  We are there entangled in arms.  The heat of passion envelops us as the rest of the world blurs out of focus.

Capture the moments in film.. of a staticy memory playing ever constant in my mind.  As the music plays on.. I know you will never die.

I am looking for my place to perch… for the one that will hold me, and not hold me down… the one who will take my hand and fly.

I am an enigma.  Steady as a river, but as random as a riptide.

Try to understand that of which you do not understand…  even if only for a moment.

I am a pretty disease.  I’m the cold that you can’t seem to shake..

You will never be free of the mark I leave on you.  Like the waves make impressions on the rocks over time. You have now been branded a heart on.

So wrap me up in cellophane.
Hang me up to dry.
With origami cranes and shiny plastic bows.. try to capture a bit of spirit and tuck it safely in your hideaway… save some stardust for another day.

Let’s throw back the lollipop.
Rip the childish fascade away.
I will be your daydream of warm cookies and your wet despicably luscious desire.

But never try and catch me.  Never try and cage me… lest I slip through your fingers and escape back into the night sky.  A star to shine again ever so brightly.. a light you jump to try and touch… just one more time.

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