Movie nights

He came over last night and we had a movie night.  The next night we get together will probably be another movie night as well.. though an official night with him and friends and alcohol.

My apartment is a bit cleaner, but not much.  The great reorganizing project has not happened.  Work in progress but forever in progress.  I think I need to hire someone to come out and do it.  It’s the initial act of getting it there that’s half the problem.

He brought over 3 movies.  One horror thriller, one romantic comedy (our mutual-not cheesy-favorite) and one really bad horror movie recommended by his roommate.

I forewarned Steve that he was coming by, and picked up the living room as he was on his way.

He’s a bit scruffy and rough around the edges.  Its appealing in this… Steve told me he can see the attraction but is a bit biased towards the grip.

Its comfortable being with him.  As much as I enjoy being the socialite, movie nights are something of a treat.

I turned off all the lights and we decided to watch the horror movie first.  Dare I say, it wasn’t even B in quality.  It seemed to emulate pieces of Evil Dead, but not hitting the mark in the slightest.  One of the characters was from Heathers- which immediately essentially killed his character for me.  All I could think of was “I love my dead gay son!”

There is some bizzarre scene in it where this possessed girl starts putting lipstick on her breasts and then pushes it into her nipple.

“Um I think I need to check to make sure I don’t have any tucked in mine…”

“Well, if you need help…”

We cuddled a bit in my room and talked.  Music.  The state of the economy.  Religion.  The debate.  Those conversations with family that should never happen.  Instructing parents on how one makes magic brownies.  The first time drinking with your parents or friends parents.  Long distance relationship disasters.

We laughed.

We just were.

And we enjoyed the silence as well.

Hours passed so fluidly.  The comfort.  The glances exchanged in very little light.  His long eyelashes and sounds of breathing.  But he had to be somewhere so he couldn’t stay.  We had to fight the urge to just nap.

We went into the kitchen to forridge for something to munch on.  Steve came out of the room because he had a craving for root beer floats.   Mmm ice cream.  He walked down to the grocery store while we started watching High Fidelity.

More talking.  More cuddling.  And now a couple of floats.

Every music minded gent that I’ve dated seems to enjoy this movie.  But this one, he takes the cake.  I asked him to tell me which songs were playing throughout the movie.  He told me about the error when they started playing the Beta Band.  About how he’d looked up every reference and poster.  About how every record shown in the store was placed there for a reason.  Attention to detail.  Borderline obsession.  Incredibly sexy.

Unfortunately the movie was cut short.  Our dvd player is old and has randomly turned itself off once before, or so Steve said.  It was later than he’d planned on being there.  Not complaining.  But we decided to end the night then- and continue it another time.

He has some friends over for a movie night every Thursday.  They make a point to try and watch movies that are extremely horrible, offensive, and what most people would raise eyebrows at with the thought of them even admitting to watching.  It sounds fun.. so that may just be what I do this week.  Maybe.


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