No sooner had I written that blog then I was reminded why I adore the grip so much.  I’d had a long day.  I really didn’t feel well.  I slept a majority of it.  My chest hurt and I wasn’t feeling much myself.  Quiet times.. ah isn’t it fun to think?

On days like these, I’d rather be at the beach.  Detox.  Ocean.  Peace.  But I was so sick I didn’t even feel like doing that.

He came over on his way home… just to kiss me goodnight.  He has to work in the morning.  This is the busiest season right now.  Yesterday he filmed “How I Met Your Mother.”  He worked 5am till nearly 11pm.  This is normal.

He’s also stuck working on Tuesday, so we won’t be attending the Tweetup.  Well.. I’m debating going alone anyway, but I really don’t think I should.  There’s just too many complications involved and I really don’t need any more of a headache.  It sucks because I look forward to going home and haven’t missed a tweetup in months.

“Well when I have money, I’m taking you on a date to San Diego.  We will go to a few of my favorite places, and find some new ones my dear.”

“Sounds like a date to me.  I’m taking you to the beach sometime soon.”

The beach?  I’m a sucker.  If you want a magic word, that’s right up near the top with me.  What’s that you say, you accidentally ran over my bike?  But you want to take me to the beach now… ok, I forgive you.

I only got about 15 minutes with him.  He kissed me softy and I gave him a hug.  He’d had a long day too.  I wanted him to stay longer.  But we both knew that if he came into my apartment, he’d likely be sucked in for awhile.

He asked me about going to see an Angels game this week.  Baseball and my boy…

He kissed my forehead and told me he wished I felt better- held my face in his hands and softly kissed my lips.  Simple, endearing things that show you just how a relationship is supposed to be.

And I’m thankful.  Thank you so much for those few moments with you dear.  They were the highlight of my day.

/end soapbox


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