If I was your girlfriend…

Now I adore the boy I’m seeing. Don’t get me wrong. He’s sweet and cute and funny. But there’s a few things about him that he may need some assistance with. (And I’m not talking about in the bedroom.)

No, I’m not trying to change anyone. I’m just a fashion whore.

So when he wrote me the following delirious piece this morning because he passed out last night after work, there was only one thing I could say about that..

Oh yes, I forgot to mention. My glasses got scratched. That’s not so good. I mean, sure. It means that I have an excuse to get new glasses. But now there’s a huge crack in the lens. And while I don’t have glasses that come with a different nose, I do sort of like wearing glasses. Cause it does make me a nerd. And by now I’m sure this whole paragraph makes little to no sense. Mission accomplished.

Horray! I couldn’t stand those glasses anyway. I mean.. they were fine on me. But on him? Not so much.

I told him I want him in some sort of rectangle frames, and he replied:

“You want me to look like Weezer huh?”

He wears Threadless tshirts and jeans. Although I haven’t spotted him in aviators, I’m wondering if he has them. He’s not uber GQ but he’s still cute in my mind.

So horray!  New glasses.  Hopefully before the tweetup but I doubt it.

For someone who called himself a hipster while in bed with me (you’re so lucky I didn’t just slap you then) I fail to see the problem.

That and he really needs a haircut.

I’m a pain. But at least we’re both laughing about it.  So horray!  New glasses.  Hopefully before the tweetup but I doubt it.

2 thoughts on “If I was your girlfriend…

  1. We all have our preferences on how guys look in the clothes they choose.

    For some reason I don’t like guys in oxfords/polos because they just don’t have the fashion sense to pull it off like a GQ model… but put my RockStar in a t-shirt and walking shorts and I am all sorts of weak in the knees!

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