There’s always been something about that word that can drive a person to insanity.  Maybe we can go to the movies.  Maybe we can go out on a date.  Maybe maybe maybe.

I use it in a playful, teasing way.  Why?  Because sometimes I’m just not sure if the answer is really yes.

Yes I want to sleep with you?


How about maybe I’ll sleep with you.. if I still feel like it when it’s time.

There are no guarantees in life beyond death and taxes.  I am neither.

However, a person that knows me, can also understand when I’m just being playful.. versus serious.. or semi serious.

Enter this random loser with an ego complex.

I gave him my number.  He then asks me if he can call me.  This to me, seemed pretty silly in the first place.  I mean, if I didn’t think it was ok, then why would I have given it to him?  Hello.  Please insert your brain here.  Still, asking could be something polite.  So it’s allowed.  I oftentimes find myself being overly polite as well.

But then he asks me:

“If I call in a half hour, are you going to pick up?”

i replied “Maybe ;)”

The dude freaked.  He said I was playing baby games.

I saw him on messenger later, having thought about what had happened.

(1:12:03 PM) debaucherygal: guys dont ask me to call me
(1:12:12 PM) debaucherygal: they just say theyre going to call
(1:12:14 PM) debaucherygal: & then do
(1:12:20 PM) debaucherygal: boys ask
(1:12:27 PM) debaucherygal: men just do
(1:12:34 PM) debaucherygal: when a # has been given
(1:12:41 PM) debaucherygal: it generally implies the ok
(1:12:47 PM) debaucherygal: just an fyi
(1:12:58 PM) debaucherygal: its not a game
(1:15:22 PM) debaucherygal: oh the number thing
(1:15:28 PM) debaucherygal: doesnt apply if the girl is drunk
(1:15:30 PM) debaucherygal: but then
(1:15:36 PM) debaucherygal: if ure hitting on a drunk girl
(1:15:47 PM) debaucherygal: then you have more probs then she does by giving it to u

He proceeded to then give me a horror story about being burned by girls previously and then said that

“if a girl cant keep a phone appointment [he’s] not going to drive 30 mins to meet them.”

That’s completely fine.  But in a way I had to laugh.  He missed what I said entirely.  He really had no clue about me.  It wasn’t meant to be rude or anything other than playful.

This particular guy had already done some pretty psycho behavior.  Me giving him my number was strictly on a friends basis, in which I made it perfectly clear.

Now bear in mind, this particular douchebag had this coming.  I’m extremely old fashioned in some ways and love when a man chases.  I will happily chase back if there’s chemistry.  And in some ways as well, I will happily approach the right guy.  Or have someone help me approach them.

(1:17:58 PM) debaucherygal: so what youre saying is
(1:18:03 PM) debaucherygal: u dont go for a challenge
(1:18:10 PM) debaucherygal: u go for the easy bait
(1:18:18 PM) debaucherygal: good.
(1:18:26 PM) debaucherygal: well im a girl that gets chased
(1:18:32 PM) debaucherygal: or she doesn’t do anything
(1:18:35 PM) debaucherygal: unless
(1:18:36 PM) debaucherygal: unless
(1:18:38 PM) debaucherygal: UNLESS
(1:18:42 PM) debaucherygal: you dazzle me
(1:18:50 PM) debaucherygal: and that rarely happens
(1:19:21 PM) debaucherygal: i dont have bad luck on dates
(1:19:27 PM) debaucherygal: regardless if theyre bad or not
(1:19:29 PM) debaucherygal: im real
(1:19:34 PM) debaucherygal: i deal with real people
(1:19:41 PM) debaucherygal: i dont play baby games

(1:20:03 PM) debaucherygal: thats fine
(1:20:04 PM) debaucherygal: idc
(1:20:28 PM) debaucherygal: i dont pander to someones ego
(1:20:31 PM) debaucherygal: unless
(1:20:33 PM) debaucherygal: unless
(1:20:35 PM) debaucherygal: UNLESS
(1:20:38 PM) debaucherygal: they dazzle me

He said that he didn’t think of intimacy as something to earn or win.

Excuse me?  Is that something that someone is supposed to give away?  Not in my mind.  Perhaps I’m cynical.  Perhaps I’m a realist.  I’d like to think that I’m one of the most private but open people you would ever meet.

He continued to be dickinine.

I explain to him that there have been times that I’ve said maybe and others have understood everytime.  And then I got nasty.

(1:40:04 PM) debaucherygal: i tell the boy i met recently
(1:40:09 PM) debaucherygal: “mayyybe”
(1:40:12 PM) debaucherygal: plenty
(1:40:17 PM) debaucherygal: even in text
(1:40:28 PM) debaucherygal: he wasnt inept to figuring out the connotation
(1:40:31 PM) debaucherygal: and if he wasn’t sure
(1:40:38 PM) debaucherygal: he asked
(1:40:50 PM) debaucherygal: but hes also way younger than u claim to be
(1:41:09 PM) debaucherygal: so maybe hes not spoiled by the horror of women playing games and becoming bitter

He told me intimacy wasn’t a competitive sport.

Funny, he logged off at the most important sentence…

(1:41:09 PM) debaucherygal: maybe hes a lot of things that most men should be

Maybe. Just.. Maybe.  We’ll see.  We’ll see.

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