I nearly didn’t blog today, though I’ve wanted to write about it since it happened.

“really, the only regret that I have of Tuesday is that you didn’t have your camera. Without any captured evidence of the day how can I trust that the day was so wonderful and not think that it’s simply my mind making me believe that.

What’s the classic internet saying? Pic’s or didn’t happen. If that’s the case, then I hope that the minds eye counts because I really had a wonderful time with you and it would be a shame if it didn’t happen.”

Me too.  Me too.

Tuesday felt surreal.  After my enchanted evening with the mermaid girl, I didn’t think I had enough luck left to have.. quite possibly…

It’s September.  I’ve had a few sparkler dates along the way.  I’ve had quite a few adventures.  I didn’t think…

Remember that amazing email I wrote about a week ago?

It turned into more letters.  And phone call conversations… hours went by… we just laughed and had an amazing time.  We planned a day together.  Or rather, he planned, and asked me which day worked better.  Tuesday or Thursday?  Saturday evening.. or well Sunday early morning… we decided on aiming for Tuesday. 230.

“Is this a day date?” I asked.  Remembering a movie about the dreaded stigma.

“I don’t like classifications.  We’ll see what happens.”

Sounded good.  No restrictions.  No assumptions.  Just us, or not us.

Truth be told, I was excited about it.  My roommate had noticed a difference in me.  Different than my anxiety with the mermaid.  Just…

“Wow, you really must like him.. this is so not like you.”

“I know.  Don’t tell anyone…”

Flash to present time.

He’s at a production party.  After another day chuck full of breasticles and other assorted shannigans (another day of casting with Tim Street) I was.. I had to prepare a bit for Techcrunch coming up.  Damn that responsible like Jena right?

He’s going to call me later.  For some reason unknown.. maybe its the fact I know I may be trekking 2 miles for our spooky adventure tomorrow… maybe I’m so taken back that that first 13 hour magical date… it will be blogged about.  Just not tonight.  Let’s just say.. it was like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  It was.. and.. and a little…

Date 2 is coming up.  I shouldn’t be this excited.  Oh yes, I should.

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