Bonding with video games

I hadn’t been able to see him in nearly a month.  It had been beginning to depress me.  Just a few miles felt so far away when I was without the truck.  Now, there just didn’t seem enough hours in the day to get out there even if I’d wanted to.

He’s in a good place right now.  He has more than I could give him.  But a part of me doesn’t feel complete.

No, for once we are not talking about a boy.. or rather, the type that I usually talk about here.  This boy is particularly special.  He’s the one that saved my life.

Years ago, when things were far more abysmal, he came into my life, and I’ve never been the same.  There’s something about a child being born.. that feeling that your life isn’t your own anymore.  Suddenly you can’t be as selfish, and you don’t want to be.

I prioritized and got on the ball this morning.  I made some phone calls and sent a plethora of emails.

Dad is on vacation.  It’s the last week before Ethan goes back to school.  They live in suburbia LA.  The schools are better; my dad and I have an arrangement.

I got a phone call about an interview tomorrow.  I finished being responsible for the day.

“You mean you get to bring the Nintendo?!  Oh yeah.”

Dad and I haven’t been on talking term since shortly before I moved out here.  I explained on the phone before I left:

“I really do not want to deal with drama.  If that’s what it’s going to be, then you can tell Ethan I didn’t come out because you couldn’t be civil..”

My dad has helped me immensely the past year.  I’m forever thankful to him in many regards.  However frankly he’s been toxic emotionally.  I cut the cord shortly after he said

“I do not respect you at all.”

Differences of opinion and lifestyles- him the conservative and me the artist.  My son is caught in the middle.

We spent the day indoors playing Wii all day.  He still doesn’t understand what sportsmanlike behavior is.  He’d go from gloating at beating me, to pouting.

There were a few games of saving grace.  Boom Blox has a co-op.  The shooting part of it made my head hurt, but he loved it.  Wii sports wasn’t bad either.

The Mii’s on the machine are all real friends of mine.  Ethan got a kick out of playing Dan and Trina.  Though Dan was his favorite.  He said he wanted to see what they looked like.  I took my camera out and showed him that picture of Dan.  He laughed so much.

“He looks funny Mommy. Can I meet that one?  Oh yeah, and I’m going to win you because he’s on my team now.”

It was a good day.  I may be seeing them on Friday.  I have tentative plans to go to a show in that area, so I may just take the day and visit again.


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