Silence is deafening

You don’t have to say anything…

Transmission sent 8.6.7
I adore you.

2 days later-
I know that I messaged you.  It wasn’t just the booze.

10 seconds later-
… and I just wanted you to know.
I probably… always.

Now go give them hell and heaven and all the pleasures in between.

And I mean that in a nonsexual yet I’d pillage the living begeezus out of you if only you’d let me kind of way…


circa 8.11.7

Something happened today again.  It really took a bit of the wind out of me, hense the old prose again. I was sidetracked by an article for another project that I’m also writing for.  (Something creative, yet real narratives)

Don’t worry, I’ll be back to your regularly scheduled blogging soon.


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