In the Aftermath of Brutal Honesty

He came back on though.
Said he missed all of it.
That he wanted to be run over again.
So i put it in reverse and let ‘em have it.
He asked for it after all…

Me- are you sure you want me to? I won’t lie. It’s pretty brutal.
Him- yes I am…

[enter vaporizing dosage repeat]

Me- now I look like a bitch xs 2.
him- why?
Me- … I’m too nice.


circa 8.17.7


What’s odd about this particular entry, is that in the midst of trying to think of what to write for a blog today (as there was an overabundance of inspiration), I decided that I would write about it later, and post another bit of prose from my past. This particular piece having been inspired by ****** from the previous entry came to mind near immediately.


It was not until I copied it from my notebook that I noticed the date.

One year ago today.


I don’t believe in coincidence.

I believe that timing is a funny funny thing, especially when it’s about a relationship.

We grow..

we change..

we remain the same.


and honest.

Those words echo in my cerebellum.

I remember why I adored him back then.

I remember why I’ve missed him so.

Admirable traits…

from someone whom in many ways is sick and should not be viewed admirable.

Ah what a twisted world we live in.



Permeating seducing pheramones

Once again transcribed into my reality.

I stare at a blank canvas…

hoping that you will enter again

hoping that this time

perhaps you will stay.

And while I know that I don’t need you..  your presence is requested at table 3.

Party of 2

Will you meet me there?

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