The Beauty of no classification

Are you sure you’re going to be ok in those boots?

Honey, these boots were made for walking…

No, not so much actually.

The plan for the night was to hit the I am 8 Bit exhibit opening at the World of Wonder gallery in Hollywood. An earlier trip out for the soft opening of the Blue Palms Brewery last week was the cause. Walking back from Pig and Whistle, I walked by the gallery and was given the flyer. Having been an avid fan of the exhibit for some time now, it immediately hit my calender as a “must go to” event.

I rallied some friends to going. Cancellations. Postponements. Boy busy with work and cocktail night schmoozing. I would have gone alone had no one RSVP’d.

It was a longer walk than I’d expected initially. My roommate parked near the Brewhouse.

“It’s just like 5 or 6 blocks..”

Yeah.. um, no. We arrived late- 3 outfits (including one with a tutu) later to a line wrapped around the block. Apparently it had been packed since 6:30. We saw some of the local twitwits, middle or so in line. They’d gotten there at 8:30.. it had moved a little bit but they’d hardly made a dent. Another friend of ours was nearer to the back of the line. If it didn’t move much faster, we were just going to head out and get drinks elsewhere together.

We hopped to the back of the line with the other friend. Another came out- he’d actually been able to get into the show and showed us pictures. He ended up going to the Pig and Whistle for food and drinks afterward. We stood in line and chatted.

“A guy I went on a date with awhile back may be in this line..”

“Jena, the liklihood of that being true with the way you are is probably very high.”

Well, yeah the line consisted of a meat market of modern and attractive nerds. If I had been there with a female friend, I would have probably went up to some of them and talked. But I’m still new to LA, so that comment was a bit out there. Funny as it may have been, it wasn’t true. (Yet?)

“Steve, when was the last time you went on a date?”

“Jena, when was the last time you dated someone that wasn’t drama?”

And he shut up. Because the guy I’ve been seeing lately hasn’t had a spec of drama. In fact, the only possible bit of drama, is based on a rumor… that regardless if it was true at this point wouldn’t matter to me. Why? Because there’s no classification. There’s no pressure. It is what it is. Him and I just enjoy each other’s company and whatever happens, happens.

I enjoy dating. I have a blast. My problems are happy problems compared to some of my other single friends. I’m confident that I could go somewhere and meet someone if I actually wanted to. I’m comfortable in my own skin. But by the same accord I’m not rushing the gun for this fantastic happily ever after with a picket fence fantasy. I understand that’s what people go for. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t want it at some point. If it happens, then I’ll ride into the sunset and start that chapter. If not, then I’ll continue to ride into the sunset regardless. That’s what masterbation is for after all, right?

Conversation returned to normal. The line barely budged and we decided that however excited we were about the show, it was going to be there for 5 weeks, so headed to Musso and Grill.

Dan ended up showing up later. We said goodbye to the rest of the usual suspects, and went to Canters. Dan told us tales of Defcon. I was advised to watch my mouth given the establishment we were in.

“Jesus Fucking Christ…”

Dan laughed and we talked as normal. We discussed schedules. Plans tomorrow night? I’m not sure. But the crew will all be congregating at some point this weekend. I realized that as much as I like having a planned out schedule, at times I really prefer to leave it open. I dedicate days to people in advance, but unless its a few things, I rarely commit to anything too far in advance.

We talked about relationships.. and how the 3 of us singles needed to brainstorm as to where else we could meet new people. Eyes rolled cross the table when I said, yes I feel their pain.

Dan: “Uh huh.. when was the last time you got laid?”

“A week ago.” my roommate said without me having to answer.

I just shrugged.

“Shut up” they both said.

There’s some advantages to not having a classification. Sometimes, I love being poly. It’s that whole need to put a label thing that puts a wrench into things. Ahh.. the beauty of no restraints besides the literal ones I want.

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