Unconscience subconscience

Broken car.  Fixed car.  Friend drama.  Boy drama.  Arguments on variables: time, values, friendships, relationships.  Headache headache headache.  Yesterday needed to be over before it started.  It was that much of a headache.

So when a group of friends asked me to head down to a soft opening over in Hollywood, I was so ready to drink it wasn’t even funny.

It’s been too long since the last LA Tweetup.  I’m now becoming used to driving the 2 hours to San Diego for theirs once a month.  We really don’t have as many of the more laid back meetings here, which is odd in a way with the cliches people have of the crowd up here.

It was a good time.. with good people.  Another small group versus the larger 40 some people at tweetups I’ve been to previously.

My mind was somewhere else subconsciously I guess.

And one text message sent to cyberspace reminded me… just where my heart really is.

I didn’t dream last night.  I haven’t dreamed in some time.

But when I do, I don’t want to wake up, because you seem to only exist there.

Searching for answers.. sifting through things and remembering.  Why is it so difficult to completely walk away?

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