I broke a rule

But with good reason.

I felt a little bad last night when we came back to my apartment. It’s still a mess. Now there’s a bit more motivation for me to finally unpack it all.

I forewarned him. He thought I was exaggerating.

There really isn’t a whole lot… as its spread out everywhere and not organized at all. Well that’s the story I’m sticking to at least.

Same guy from a few nights ago. Just enjoying it right now and seeing what happens.

He was late again. Called the house to tell me he’d be here at 930 instead of 9.

“Uh huh. Where are your priorities?”

“You baby!”

I doubted that he’d be here when he said. However when I walked out the front door, sure enough, there he was napping. I was pleasantly surprised.

“Wow, you’re actually here on time like you said you would be…”

“I was here at 929!”

I didn’t know what we were doing yet. He took me to a bar to meet up with a friend of his I’d met briefly before- or so I’d thought (another friend of a friend).

Now I’ll admit, there were quite a few cute guys there.. and not just him. Across the bar I thought I saw someone who I wanted to meet forever ago from online. It was a bit weird, but it wasn’t him. Well I don’t think it was. I couldn’t/didn’t flirt with any of them.

We drank a few rounds and ended up dancing.

“You dance like a stripper.. and that’s not a bad thing…”

His friends non date or whatever she was got fall down drunk. I have a bathroom phobia and we headed back to my place. I ran inside and ran back to kiss him goodnight.

I told my roommate that I date and am out a lot. But last night was the first time I’ve brought someone home.

They know eachother. We ducked into my room. My roommate was in the living room.

Our bedside etiquette is.. ridiculous. The talking and goofing around… we had a great time again.

In the morning my roommate instant messaged me. The inevitable happened. I had to ask if he’d heard anything. I had a guilty conscious.

(11:04:21 AM) supernerdlady: i hate having to ask this
(11:04:29 AM) supernerdlady: and i wont ask u to your face
(11:04:33 AM) supernerdlady: but um
(11:04:51 AM) supernerdlady: we didnt bother u when we were talking did we?
(11:05:56 AM) roomie: why wouldn’t you ask that to my face? Not really – between game music and door its not like I could really hear you chatting anyway. You did laugh a lot though I noticed
(11:06:09 AM) supernerdlady: haha
(11:06:34 AM) supernerdlady: yeah. some stupid shit
(11:06:37 AM) roomie: It’s when you two moved on to other things I decided it was time to retreat to my room.

I stayed in my room a good portion of the day. I shouldn’t be embarrassed but theres a few other factors involved that make me feel bad. Nothing has nor ever will happen with me and this roommate. But I wish he had someone.

What sucks is that I want more. It’s on the back of my mind. But the standard is to wait a few days before calling… though if it’s a booty call that rule is nonexistent. I like him. One day at a time. But damn if the carnal in me isn’t going bonkers. Stupid, wonderful tantric…

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