Social stalking.. now with geotagging!

If you were wondering why I haven’t BriteKite’d about the big events lately- there’s a bit of a new reason. I had a conversation with someone about how he’d used the service to meet someone in a social network without their heads up.

Please, do NOT show up to anywhere I am not inviting you to/isn’t a huge event and try to approach me like it’s no big deal. It would not be cool at all.

Now I’m admittedly an open book to an extent. Much of my basic information is public knowledge. I’ve considered going private many times just thinking about these crazies. Like many women, I take a chance at leaving these doors open.

But hearing about this true story of one man who did this to someone I know got to me a little.  It’s now an awkward.. wait, now that they’re in my social network are they going to do that to me?

I explained to the person that what they did to the girl was not kosher.  He said he got it, but I don’t think he really understands the extremity of it.  I want to quietly step away.. but am stuck.

The last thing that I want when out with a group of my friends is some random stranger coming up to me saying they found out where I was via a social geotagger.  If you’re going to be in the area and want to meet me- fine.  Dm me.  Text me.  Ask if it’s alright.  Otherwise, assume it’s not, unless you are already a friend in real life.

I have only one thing left to say.

I don’t just wear heels because they’re pretty…

2 thoughts on “Social stalking.. now with geotagging!

  1. This became a problem for me. About a year ago, Twitter introduced a couple “stalkers” into my life. I was able to block them, private my twitter account and stay on the DL to solve the problem. After about 6 months, I got back on the public side of social networking but changed my behavior. No more exact destination information until after I have left that location. I have no interest in BriteKite because of all this. The internet is a dangerous place for ladies. Be careful!

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