ah thats right, ill bend over again now…

Something very personal needed to be done yesterday. It was extremely important, and needing to be taken care of in a last minute fashion.

I’ve dealt with lawyers that have had more ethical practices than what I walked into yesterday. It started first by a 10pm phone call the other night on my way back from San Diego. What professional calls someone to make an appointment at that hour? Granted, as I said, the appointment was pertinent of importance. That seems an inappropriate hour for something like that.

Still, after some disagreement about it..I still proceeded with the appointment. It was… not something I am confident about completely.

My father does alright for himself. I won’t lie. But he’s not a rich man any more than he’s not a poor man. This “professional”… knowing that he was going to be paying for it.. gauged me on that.

Before the services were rendered, she stated that she would make arrangements with me. After, of course, was now a different story. I was backed into a corner. She said that my dad made enough to come up with the full amount for the services rendered. And that I’d better come up with it.

“If it’s $1000, then I will make arrangements.. if its any less however, I expect to be paid immediately..”

Awesome. I’m glad I came to a professional establishment to be treated like that. I’m curious what the report she writes up will be.. if its essentially going to be to my benefit or really just fuck me over even more so than she’s trying to screw me for financially.

Gotta love supply and demand right? I think I may report her. Everything about that incident was shady. I love my luck sometimes. Fucking aye.

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