Waiting is wasting for people like me-unfinished1

They say that goodbye is never easy.. and you know something?  Even when you think it’s going to be.. it really isn’t.

Days off for me are relatively non existant.  My schedule is always booked.  When I say I don’t have time.. I mean it.  I have to make appointments to sleep.  I work too much (I’m only partially complaining) and I cant stand wasting time.  They say that when you can’t sin, the devil will keep you busy instead.

Heh.. well with my aka.. I tend to think thats a bit.. farce.

“That bar is called Saints and Sinners.. reminded me of you.”

And I smiled a bit.. because although I have no clue what that person was talking about… I know it all too well… being a bit into the whole rockabilly scene.. that comment made me glow a bit more.

Last minute plans as usual.  Friend was leaving out of the country.  I had two days completely free of work.. looking at my budget like an anal retentive, I knew I could push the mark a bit.

I’m a bit of a social nerd.  I’m a “robot.”

This friend drives out of his way to hang out with me.  I live in suburbia hipster jesusville.  Strangely enough, we stayed local and just hung out the whole time.  I can’t say that I’m completely surprised.. because the last time we were around, we did the same thing.  However I met him too late… I’m moving down to san diego in a month.. and he’s moving away.. in like a week.

Despite it all.. we ended up cramming all the stuff we needed to do last minute.  I’m not amazed how quickly you can get a rental car.  I hate Tmobile.  I drive like a maniac, and it’s funny when people question that… knowing even a few details about… well.

And.. well.. this admittedly feels a bit unfinished.. because I have to run off and shower and say my goodbyes to this person before I book down to san diego and go on the job hunt.. I’ll write some more about it when I return.

Someone inject another 24 hrs in my day pls?

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