And no one really believed in him..

Except him.

But she saw so much more.

She saw to his heart.

He’s not the hero everyone is cheering for.

He’s the dark horse.

He’s a pretentious asshole…

But he’s a hard working, balls to the wall asshole.

He’s consistent.

He gets the shit done.

He takes life by the horns.

He’s driven… and he has the Midas touch.

And no one really believed in her.,.

Except her.

But he saw so much more.

He saw to her heart.

She’s the sentimental dreamer.

She’s the sweetheart of the story.

She’s the character you see in the movie

And so desperately just want to win.




Had blind faith.


Had this blind faith.

In tangible things.

In success.

In dreams.

In the power rush of self achievements.

The prize

The light at the end of the tunnel.





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